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12 Oct

My 4.45am view. Normally I try to force feed jolee both sides but she refused after one side and the other is engorged so I had to drag my ass up to pump

The little apek having his fish biscuits after brekkie yesterday. Was so so so exhausted yesterday. It was little king's birthday. And we last minute decided to have a mini celebration at home.

So we bertungkus lumus prepared all these for dinner yesterday. Mind you it was no easy feat running from kitchen and attending a (sometimes) screaming toddler and a baby. Me and my mom was knackered by the end of the day haha

Made my mom's special grilled chicken wings. Special cos everything in the marinade is agak-agak but taste damn nice 😋 marinated whole night so it was very full with flavor 😘

Fried laksa as usual. This is becoming party/gathering staple in my household haha

Butter garlic shrimp spaghetti which in the end was a little hard cos it became cold huhu

And my fav tongsui as well!! Bak lin hou hap 😋 added huge sago and sea coconut in it as well so it was full with 'liu'

And major love for this upside down ice cream cone and treats cake my baker did. Good job !! And taste good too!!

Little King was all set to pull out all the treats to makan haha

Good thing the candle could give him a few mins of calm moment cos he was intrigued lol

My little family

Just us syok sendiri cos my brother and my dad were working. It was a last minute weeknight celebration . But we had fun nonetheless I'm sure Javier did too! With all his new toys 😁😁

Someone attempted to peel his own eggs … and then gave up haha

Someone loving his new play doh set

That he gave yee yee a big fat kiss

Then it was playtime!. We got him the hot wheels track with automatic elevator to eject the cars onto the rails. He tried putting his busses and other vehicles on it as well 😆😆

May you be filled with abundant joy and happiness my (not so) little one and continue to spread your smiles and cheekiness to everyone around you. It has been nothing but pure joy watching you grow day by day despite your occasional tantrums hehe. Love love you to the moon and back and back again my boy!!!

Well, he really treated the inverted 'icecream' like the real one lol. It was actually filled with cake haha. Nevermind, whatever makes you happy little King hehe 😆

Oh. And this was the only deco this year 🙈 Better than nothing eh hehe. Here little King was excited cos suddenly letters appeared on the walls he was busy reciting them lol

12 Oct

Little king's brekkie today. Rolled oats with raisins and bananas, drizzles of maple syrup and some sprinkles of cinnamon powder 😋