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14 Oct

Someone is wide awake smiling at the ceiling fan . Just gonna ignore her till she screams haha

First thing 7 morning 8 morning

J: mummy, take red straw
👩🏻: why do you need a red straw
J: drink coffee, drink milo
👩🏻: 😅

J: wah sky dark dark, ai lok hor ( raining in hokkien)
👩🏻: *prays hard he won't force me to take the ☔️ *


Tantrum cos he insisted on putting on this shirt. Then request me to take it off. And put it on. And take it off. And on. And off. Then I decided to scold and attempted to change his shirt and hide it. Walau cry till sky can fall.. until I walk to the kitchen and wanted to wash some rice to cook porridge. And then I spilled the rice. He stopped crying and got excited 😅😅😅😅

J: mummy, mai (don't want in hokkien) fish while handing me his nemo fish. * repeat 100x*
👩🏻: if you don't want just put it down ok. I don't want it. Understand???
J: mai ar-stand (understand)


Actually he's been answering back for quite sometime dy *stress*

The said fish 😬😬

14 Oct

Gotta werk all the calories off from the birthday feasting 😀

Pics from yesterday. Chilling with my boy here

Just let him sat at the poolside and play cos don't wana risk him catching any cold since his vaccination is next week

This annoying fella kept wanting to wear daddy's cap 😂😂😅

See how he was walking earlier 😅

Otw to lunch! Wah really not easy lunching with these two 😅😅 Jolee wanted to be carried all the time and the little King was well, playing non stop with his food 😅 plus it was close to his nap time so he was abit cranky 😅😅 The aunty next table took pity on us and even offered to carry jolee for me so I could finish my food hehe. When I declined nicely she actually said ' don't worry I won't kidnap ur baby ' haha.

Loving her new headband hehe 😍

This one too. Another of my fav 🙂

Sleepy princess is sleepy. But only sleeps when carried 😅 u attempt to put her down, she will immediately open her eyes and stare as though u betrayed her lol

She knows when both babies are asleep, its mochi snuggle time hehe.

This old fella insisted on wearing the mitten and calls it 'mei mei socks' 😅