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28 Oct

Throwback from yesterday. Off to see his potential school.

This was definitely the major attraction there haha. Good at least he didn't run away

Helping himself to the classroom lol

Got fake basin sumore πŸ˜‚

At this point we were still undecided but have shortlisted a few based on location and their teaching style. But tian ar, how come preschool nowadays so expensive eh?? 😱

Letting him try his new jeans. Buta buta kena custom tax had to pay 100 plus bucks 😞 Learnt my lesson next time will buy in separate shipments instead of one big amount sigh. Got discount become no discount 😞

Fish and chips for dinner. He only took few bites then started taxing daddy's friesπŸ˜‚

And I've mastered the art of eating with one hand and balance a baby on the other. And try not to drip the sauce on her lol

And now little King developed the habit of pretending to blow his nose cos hubs do that ALL the time. Monkey see monkey do 😐