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29 Oct

Rainy day whole day. Planned to get some groceries but decided to stay in and nuah. And jolee wanted to be carried whole noon poor korkor eventually came and asked me to make him milk cos he wana nap d. Normally we had to force him to nap 😆

Gleeful cos got ppl talk to her. Once u leave she will shout the roof down haha

Then korkor decided to come and show off his laptop to meimei. 😂 And proceeded to show her which buttons to press. And expected her to do so 😅

And since he was in a good mood he decided to give her a lil lovin

And then proceeded to dig her nose cos he said ' meimei got nose sai(shit)' lol

My supper. Steamed old town leaf with kaya and butter 😋😋

Snuggling with the little King and a sticky baby while the daddy enjoys football in living room