Archive | November, 2016
30 Nov

The furry fella knows when both babies are asleep it's mochi time 😘

29 Nov

This fella here had been jioing me to chat since 3 am 😳

Someone can't wait to leave school here πŸ˜‚ Always the latest to reach and earliest to leave πŸ˜‚

No spicy food today cos all feeling a little under the weather

Packing up newborn clothes jolee had outgrew πŸ˜₯ mostly korkor's old clothes so this is the second time I'm stashing these away huhu #growinguptoofast

29 Nov

Day two of school. This fella was so reluctant to wake up

Routine screening before joining the class

Went to pick him up earlier with sis cos it was her off day. Little King was so excited hehe. Caught him sitting on the teacher's lap while she fed him. The teacher told me he did better today (less cries) despite the meltdown when we left him there πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Rewarded him with a train ride since the queue is crazy long during weekends.

Two train rides actually haha. I think the adults are more excited here. Very clever strategy actually; can serve as side income to cover for the costs of the elaborate decor.

Loving all the whiteness 😍😍

One of the pretty booths. #actliketourist

Bonding with the fake snowman

Zonked out in the car on the way home after such a long day. For him at least πŸ˜†

27 Nov

Ici on face kinda night and already late on our way to hubs company dinner

With a very uncooperative little fella πŸ˜‚

Us and a very excited boy cos he was holding a fake rifle. So hard for him to be still lol

Photo booth fun with my ex collegues 😊

Daddy and daughter bonding time during lunch earlier.

Can I have a sip daddy??

Someone enjoying his free spaghetti alfredo 😘

My smoked salmon pasta was yums!

First day of school

Started little King on the school's two weeks holiday program to prep him for school next year. Super last minute bought him his school bag online just got it on Saturday haha.

It's true that parents will cry before the kiddo does. The class has already started so he just allowed the teacher to usher him into the crowd. He followed her and then kinda forgot about usπŸ˜‚ But he was scanning for us and made sure we were there la.

We wanted to sneak away while he was still not crying but the teacher insisted that we inform him properly that we were leaving and will be back by noon to pick him. He whined a little while then he was ok d. I was so sad!! Haha

Then we busied ourselves with jolee's vaccination and my car cleverly decided to kaput. In front of the tyre shopπŸ˜‚ They jump start for me and I drove to hub's workplace to switch car so he could get mine fixed.

My initial plan of dropping by the school earlier to check on him failed πŸ˜‚ Poor fella cried intermittently and when I reached they were changing him out of his soiled clothes cos he vomited his biscuits out. Cos he was crying and eating πŸ˜₯ But when I asked him if he liked school he said ' liked'. Lol. And he wants to come again tmr. We'll see. For now hope my car can come back from the bengkel soon hehe

26 Nov

Reached home at 8 plus and managed to do three rounds of laundry, unpack, mop the floor, pump milk, clean all the parts and bottles and finally ate dinner at 12am lol. Cos lunch was at 5pm so wasn't hungry yet. Whoa jolee was sooo cranky on our way home so it was 5 hours plus of whining and crying while I was carrying her. Thank god mom rotated with me. I didn't put her in a car seat #dontjudge so I was extra vigilant reminded hubs to be extra extra careful when driving πŸ˜†

Cos my parents came with us and we don't have a seven seater so we took turns to carry jolee. Javier was strapped in the car seat cos he is one squirmy fella haha. But next time when we travel we're gonna lock the princess in her car seat and let her scream to her heart's content d 😜 Like usual πŸ˜†

Saw quite a few accidents along the highway due to bad weather and I prayed and nagged hubs to be extra careful huhu till the point he was annoyed I think πŸ˜†

Even if it was just a short vacation, with two babies I felt like I just came back from a week long holiday from overseas haha. The amount of stuffs to pack and unpack and laundry load is crazee. I think I need another holiday to recover from this one lol

But it was a good trip for the grandparents to bond with the kids and to escape the heat here 😊 And for the hubs, his fav casino πŸ™ˆ

We stopped at Ipoh cos we needed to stretch and dad was craving for his onn kee beansprout chicken. So yums!

The Hokkaido puff durian ice cream was very good too!

The little King was most happy cos he went on almost all the rides a few times. Without queue cos we chose to go on weekdays right before school holidays 😁

Happy on the reindeer

Excited to be in a ship. That sails in the air πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Then we got tired carrying meimei and asked him to babysit her for a while lol

Sibeh manja with ahma here. The wind was actually very cold at the other hotels apart from first world.

Us with the the little King who was obviously only interested in his balloon πŸ˜‘

Me and my babies 😍😘 Love them to bits

Found somewhere high for punishment cos he kept running around and not wanting to hold our hands

All his fav games had something to do with balls πŸ˜‚

Managed to win some popcorns home too! Haha

Father and son

Obsessed with his balls πŸ˜‚

While the princess as usual was enjoying free chauffeur service πŸ˜‚

Can't wait for Fox theme park to be finally opened! Saw a lot of new restaurants and shops coming up. Will be back with the kids again for sure 😁😁

26 Nov

Battery down after werking himself hyper at the indoor theme park. Hehe

24 Nov

I went to the counter to apply genting card, the lady at the counter asked me

Are you above 21 yo?


Don't be too happy yet it's probably sop for her to ask everyone haha ☺️☺️

Ate my Smoky salmon bagel for supper in the toilet. Cos I didn't want to wake the sleeping kids πŸ˜‚ So yums!!

Wo de tian ah!! My sister had this in her cart and checked out at 12am. But the server had to crash!! And then it was sold out wtfff 😀😀😀😀 Sephora why didn't you predict your human traffic and upgrade ur server???

On happier note, the boy could aim! Hehe on a few tries la. Someone was at his paradise last night 😁😁

He actually preferred when the car was static #savemymoney

With their grandparents 😍

Hubs treating ourselves for one hour long foot massage cos my parents offered to babysit the kiddies for awhile since I've been complaining of foot pain for weeks d 😊 damn syoks 😎😎