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9 Nov

This fella knows when both babies are asleep so she will come and manja and snuggle 😘

Bkt for dinner cos hubs had been craving this like a pregnant woman and when we visit the shops we get so few pieces of meat and so little soup. He even once asked the aunty blatantly if the portion served was for one or two person. And ordered another one on the spot 🙈 Tonight he can eat his bkt until he vomit. Lol. He is drinking another bowl for supper now. Hope he doesn't get nosebleed lol

I've found my fav bkt herbs after so long. Haha. I've tried some that was too bitter, too bland, too overpowering. THIS brand is really yums. My sister got it from Ipoh I'm gonna scout if penang has it. Everyone loves it. The flavor is just right 😋😋😋😋

Someone having a good chat with ahma 😄

Right after this photo was taken she had a poop bomb. Like it burst out of her diapers all over her back kinda bomb 😑😑