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10 Nov

Today this furry fella is guilty for soiling my floor mat. Kept avoiding eye contact with me when I scolded her 😂

Meanwhile this little King insisted on the plastic glasses cos its ' same same as tshirt' haha

This little samseng finally had his haircut hehe. This time he enjoyed it. And kept telling the aunty when his neck was itchy from the stray hair hehe. And kept laughing when she snipped his hair repeatedly with the layering scissors. And also reminded her to only 'cut two hair' 😂😂

Thank god cos it's the first time I brought him to the saloon alone 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and he was not cranky 💪🏻

He waited the whole day till ahkong came home from work to use the hose. By then it was raining so he tried drowning some ants instead 😂

Little princess enjoying being ' chauffeured ' around hehe

Ahkong talking to princess. Little King didn't want to be left out too

Sitting on his baby chair like a boss while reading off some old flash cards mom dug out from storage

It was raining earlier so someone was really happy to be running around all the water puddles 😂

Seriously happy


Meimei as usual enjoys being chauffeured around 😄

Oh look! I can defy gravity now. For a few seconds hehe

Tataki for dinner earlier at a new Japanese joint near my parents'. So yums

Udon for the little King. Actually I was attracted to the bowl more dono where can I buy ar? #auntyslife

Yum yummm