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12 Nov

Spam you with launiang's face cos it's my sweet 18th today 😂😂😂

Me with my very bored daughter 😂

Mummy not my most flattering angle ok

Little King bonding with his future teacher haha. Registered Javier's preschool dy cos it's their open day today. Bittersweet cos I cannot believer my little man is starting school so soon? I think I will bawl the first day I send him to school #separationanxiety

Love their massive indoor playground. Hope he loves it enough to come to school hehe

Lunch at Johnny rockets but no pic of food cos we were all ravenous after going for the open day. I even had two cups of smoothies #dayrefatties .

Jalan jalan and ended up shopping. For my kids. Again 😂. But really no easy feat balancing a baby while shopping while the dad was constantly chasing after an active toddler #havoc haha

Came home and all kantoi . It's 9pm and the little King is still asleep. Tonight Cham liao 😬😬😬

Made creamy mac for the little King while we feasted on leftover bkt haha. Too late for dinner outside plus it's raining again 😬

Shopaholic mom strikes again haha. Cny is only around the corner leh 😬😬

And my fav daifu. Haha. Little King had been repeating ' mummy buy thong' non stop no thanks to his dad 😫😫😫😫

My everything. I cannot ask for anything else right #contented . But i won't say no to Chanel or Prada la 😆😆😆😆