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21 Nov

Taiwanese three cups chicken and vege for dinner since I had a handful of Thai basil sitting in the fridge. My mom got it for free at the market 😂

Eaten halfway punya wild boar belly curry my neighbour in Bm gave mom. Wah super duper yummy the uncle blended all the herbs and spices himself. Must ask for recipe d next time. But I have no talent in cooking complex dishes like this so I guess I will just wait till he make this again 😆😆 He's staying alone and he loves cooking fancy dishes so most of the time we will be his guinea pig 😆

Takeaway llao llao with all my fav toppings. Can slowly enjoy in front of the tv cos normally in need to quickly swallow when babies get cranky


The Xmas decor in qb is so so so pretty as usual.

So ethereal 😍

Bigger picture of the elaborate decor


I'm a sucker

For pretty palette !! 😘😍😍

Love Christmas cos you can find many many pretty gift palettes 🙂 I'm so in love with their brush set too in similar pattern. It's really worth it but today really over budget liao ah 😅

I went into sephora to buy a blusher initially cos I love their Amazonian clay one but one tong is already 124 this whole giant thing was 240 so worth it can!

Comes with 24 eye shadows, highlights and blushers for contouring, mascara, eyeliner and lip paint. 😍😍

And also got this very much raved about punya highlighter cos I need to stop stealing my sister's Benefit one lol

Hello mummy got me a cotton biker jacket to complement my birthday present haha. Nola it's for our cuti-cuti malaysia this week since the boy already outgrew most of his hoodies

This Minnie Mouse set is so cute can? Hehe #crazymom

Damn suay sprained my back while cleaning the stroller just now. Immobile now thank god moms is around to entertain the kids hehe