24 Nov

I went to the counter to apply genting card, the lady at the counter asked me

Are you above 21 yo?


Don't be too happy yet it's probably sop for her to ask everyone haha ☺️☺️

Ate my Smoky salmon bagel for supper in the toilet. Cos I didn't want to wake the sleeping kids πŸ˜‚ So yums!!

Wo de tian ah!! My sister had this in her cart and checked out at 12am. But the server had to crash!! And then it was sold out wtfff 😀😀😀😀 Sephora why didn't you predict your human traffic and upgrade ur server???

On happier note, the boy could aim! Hehe on a few tries la. Someone was at his paradise last night 😁😁

He actually preferred when the car was static #savemymoney

With their grandparents 😍

Hubs treating ourselves for one hour long foot massage cos my parents offered to babysit the kiddies for awhile since I've been complaining of foot pain for weeks d 😊 damn syoks 😎😎

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