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27 Nov

Ici on face kinda night and already late on our way to hubs company dinner

With a very uncooperative little fella 😂

Us and a very excited boy cos he was holding a fake rifle. So hard for him to be still lol

Photo booth fun with my ex collegues 😊

Daddy and daughter bonding time during lunch earlier.

Can I have a sip daddy??

Someone enjoying his free spaghetti alfredo 😘

My smoked salmon pasta was yums!

First day of school

Started little King on the school's two weeks holiday program to prep him for school next year. Super last minute bought him his school bag online just got it on Saturday haha.

It's true that parents will cry before the kiddo does. The class has already started so he just allowed the teacher to usher him into the crowd. He followed her and then kinda forgot about us😂 But he was scanning for us and made sure we were there la.

We wanted to sneak away while he was still not crying but the teacher insisted that we inform him properly that we were leaving and will be back by noon to pick him. He whined a little while then he was ok d. I was so sad!! Haha

Then we busied ourselves with jolee's vaccination and my car cleverly decided to kaput. In front of the tyre shop😂 They jump start for me and I drove to hub's workplace to switch car so he could get mine fixed.

My initial plan of dropping by the school earlier to check on him failed 😂 Poor fella cried intermittently and when I reached they were changing him out of his soiled clothes cos he vomited his biscuits out. Cos he was crying and eating 😥 But when I asked him if he liked school he said ' liked'. Lol. And he wants to come again tmr. We'll see. For now hope my car can come back from the bengkel soon hehe