Archive | November, 2016
22 Nov

Pardon the wet plateπŸ˜‚. Received some bad news today regarding work so cheered myself up abit by making tomato shrimp pesto & ricotta cheese penne.

I just feel injustice cos some ppl who are deemed less competent are always given easier tasks at work cos superiors are worried they might screw up. And the rest? Pick up after their mess πŸ˜‘ I sometimes think that is not incompetence; it's called being smart hmph 😀

Hope I can strike lottery so I can quit my job sienzzz

21 Nov

Taiwanese three cups chicken and vege for dinner since I had a handful of Thai basil sitting in the fridge. My mom got it for free at the market πŸ˜‚

Eaten halfway punya wild boar belly curry my neighbour in Bm gave mom. Wah super duper yummy the uncle blended all the herbs and spices himself. Must ask for recipe d next time. But I have no talent in cooking complex dishes like this so I guess I will just wait till he make this again πŸ˜†πŸ˜† He's staying alone and he loves cooking fancy dishes so most of the time we will be his guinea pig πŸ˜†

Takeaway llao llao with all my fav toppings. Can slowly enjoy in front of the tv cos normally in need to quickly swallow when babies get cranky


The Xmas decor in qb is so so so pretty as usual.

So ethereal 😍

Bigger picture of the elaborate decor


I'm a sucker

For pretty palette !! 😘😍😍

Love Christmas cos you can find many many pretty gift palettes πŸ™‚ I'm so in love with their brush set too in similar pattern. It's really worth it but today really over budget liao ah πŸ˜…

I went into sephora to buy a blusher initially cos I love their Amazonian clay one but one tong is already 124 this whole giant thing was 240 so worth it can!

Comes with 24 eye shadows, highlights and blushers for contouring, mascara, eyeliner and lip paint. 😍😍

And also got this very much raved about punya highlighter cos I need to stop stealing my sister's Benefit one lol

Hello mummy got me a cotton biker jacket to complement my birthday present haha. Nola it's for our cuti-cuti malaysia this week since the boy already outgrew most of his hoodies

This Minnie Mouse set is so cute can? Hehe #crazymom

Damn suay sprained my back while cleaning the stroller just now. Immobile now thank god moms is around to entertain the kids hehe

20 Nov

Pan grilled chicken, oven roasted veges and buttered rice for dinner. Cos jolee and Javier had an overlap napping period of 40 mins today so fast fast marinade the chicken, cut and season the veges, cooked the BBQ sauce and the butter garlic rice. So when it's almost dinner time I just pop the veges into the oven and throw the chicken into my shogun pan to be friedπŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

19 Nov

My hot and sour noodles from din tai fung. Yum yum in my tumtumπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

17 Nov

Yesterday's dinner was more fancy cos mom brought her fresh homemade curry paste. So just cook the paste and dump the slightly over cooked squid in hehe. Left the squid tad too long in the steamer cos jolee decided to scream then haha

Curry craze not over yet so I made sardine curry for lunch today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Someone loves the attention from koko. Too bad it was short lived hehe

Supposedly kai kai day but back fired πŸ˜… Wanted to go gurney but the jam in town was cray cray with so many tour buses. Did I miss the memo that there were some kinda festival in Penang ??

The solution each time we couldn't decide what to eat hehe

He was lovin the wind so he willingly let me take his pictures πŸ˜‚

15 Nov

Someone trying to look demure here hehe

It's clear the fridge day so made pesto spaghetti again! Hehe

Ordered this beautiful cake for Joyce's hens night later

Cake and balloons settle! We took the liberty to selfie with her balloons first haha

Amy found a very cute boho veil for the bride to be. It even matches her cake πŸ˜‚

Her gift for making anak purposes 😊😊😊

We were suaku like that cos never lighted firework candle before lol

Have a blissful marriage ahead ! It was definitely a fun night full of gossips haha. Can run from mommy duties for a few hours πŸ˜†Time to go back to mom mode 😊😊 Apparently both babies gave my mom a hard time when I was away poor old woman 😬😬😬

Time to train his fine motor skills haha. This should keep him occupied for at least half an hour. I hope πŸ™πŸ»

14 Nov

Hubs and I got into a tiff in front of the little King earlier. So we asked him you want mummy or want papa ??

Javier: want Javier

πŸ‘« : 😳 where did he learn how to answer like that??