Archive | February, 2017
28 Feb

My homework ON daily. To make vehicles for him to play lol. It's stimulating my brain instead of his 😂😂

26 Feb

Tough luck😆

Konked after I fed the boobasaurus her familiar nectar 😂

Wah so fast my grolier stuffs are here d. I was only interested in the blocks, fun thinkers and the logico but they threw in the rest free for me. For the price I paid I should've asked for even more free stuffs haha.

Assembled a moving car for him. No prize for guessing which is his fav in the package 😆

Another one. If I had these back then I don't think I will studying d haha

25 Feb

Someone's fav kind of morning. The kind with McDonald's breakfast. Gotta learn how to make hash browns d cos he loves them.

Oh meimei happy six months old today! Please grow up faster so I can share all my toys with you! Just kidding haha 😂😂

Someone not a big fan of the pumpkin purée I made her. Acted like I fed her poison 😂 Well hope tmr she will like it better hehe

Dei I just fell for the Grolier's convincing explanations to purchase their education package leh. So expensive if not for the installments I won't even consider lor. But I've been trying to survey to buy proper books or tools to teach Javier at home or to somewhat keep him occupied rather than throwing shoes at mochi 😂

Hope the service is good cos I've seen bad reviews on the service so far. Didn't purchase the talking pen thingy though. Since I already have something similar from leap reader

The pen I got is free though. But being a traditionalist I still believe in properly holding a pen and writing as well as reading out loud rather than point something on the words and expects the book to read it to you.

One of my fav dish from dragon I. Always steamed to perfection 😋😋😋😋😋

Sticker book to keep him occupied

Baby wearing this fella while eating. Why mommy you no feed me your delicious food???? Hehe

23 Feb

Dinner tonight. Cincai stir fry spaghetti and creamy mushroom soup cos need to clear my one week old whole box of mushroom. Ahh perfect for the cold cold day.

New teether for the princess cos little king's old ones were hijacked by mochi 😂😂

Night class time 🙂 He says 20 as twoty 😂

21 Feb

Fate of his hot wheels track 😂

Feeling extremely lembik today. Had chicken rice for dinner last night and I suspect that was the cause of my food poisoning today. Been diarrheaing and vomiting since 3am but still managed to drag my sore ass to work cos I needed meds from workplace. And also cos I had work to be settled today. Feels so good to be finally lying on the bed wuwuwuwuwu

20 Feb

Happy birthday my furry friend. I know u hate me most of the time for throwing things at you but deep know inside you know I love you right? Hehe

So sick of mushy food so made this for dinner tonight instead. Anyhow Chinese braised spare ribs hehe

Someone's hair after his nap 😂

Another someone laughing at korkor's antics

18 Feb

Wow, time flies so fast and I'm beginning to forget how she looked like as a newborn. Someone starting solids in a week! Hello messy meals 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Missing this little girl. Can't wait to bring her back tmr. At the same time I fear her succumbing to the stupid virus that attacked korkor and daddy 😥