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11 Feb

Perks of living in a high rise. I get to witness super beautiful fireworks from my balcony. It lasted a total of more than 10 mins. Happy chap goh meh everyone!

Happy 28 months old my cheeky munchkin!!! You're becoming more like a mini adult I've gotta watch what I say around you or with you these days!

And it's pretty funny dono where you've learnt to associate adding 's' to anything more than 1. Like ' many fishes' or 'buses'. Then it becomes very funny when you start to say 'waters' or ' monies' etc . Erm I don't think school starts grammar so young right. Maybes it's the videos haha

Happy girl with her transport cos hubs accompanied sil to ballot for her new home

This fella wanted transport to touch all the la lanterns 😂

The wind was ferocious !

11 Feb

Grand uncle posted this pic of him and my dad when they were small. Dad is the little boy on the right. Wah super classic yo this pic is at least 50 plus years old

Spent our chap goh meh at the paeds cos little king's temp was 39.5 celcius last night. Turned out he had exudative tonsillitis poor baby. No wonder he kept saying 'mouth behind pain' 😂 It's actually sore throat hehe. No more cny cookies for this fella from now.

Bought new high chair for the princess but the little king hijack first. Good also next time we can eat together time to train some table manners 😄