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15 Feb

Banana + raisin oats for the little king today. And yesterday too hehe. And porridge all the way cooked with whatever soup I cooked for us. I hope he doesn't get sick of mushy food yet cos he gotta tahan for few more days until his ulcers get better.

I feel bad for not allowing him to even kiss me and scrub my hand crazy each time he poops cos u know, hfmd virus lives in faeces and whatever secretion from his mouth + erupted ulcers.

I even made him wear socks for the whole day cos I don't want the ulcers from his soles have contact with the floor or my couch. Aih I feel bad for treating him like a walking virus huhu

And operasi disinfection begins. Washed part of his toys with Clorox and boiling water. Gotta hide these from his sight till he recovers fully. This is probably only 10% of his roomful of toys but I gotta start somewhere right. Hehe. Gotta find something useful to do to distract myself from missing the princess too much 😅

Meanwhile, someone was having a ball of a time kaikai with yee yee and ahma earlier today hehe

Reunited with my princess! Came over to send more milk then decided to stay the night hehe.