5 Mar

Today was being a tourist day in our hometown. Was having dimsum nearby then decided to check it out. Manatau we succumbed to buying the promo package that covers most of the parks.

Haha too bad had to crop the dino's head away

He was actually petrified most of the time lol

He did this cos daddy did the same and told him it won't bite πŸ˜‚

Dino's in the concrete jungle

This one he really takut lol

Horrors of all horrors ! Lol

With dono what saurus

Last one. Hope the little king will be braver enough to ride all the mini dinos next time round. Gotta teach him to overcome his fear for these snarly creatures hehe

The princess loves the colorful carousel. The little king on the other hand just refused to ride on any zzzzz.

She was really excited when it moved up and down πŸ˜‚

This 5d submarine was quite nice tooπŸ˜€ Even though when the shark came to hit us little king demanded that I cover his eyes for him πŸ˜…

So so exhausted from all the queuing and walking and carrying both of them alternately. If I knew we would stay longer than just 'taking a look' I would've brought down the carrier. Huhu. But I'm sure little king had fun from all the games and mini rides. The princess was definitely excited throughout haha. Even when she was staring at dinos. Now we know who is the more courageous sibling lol

Too tired to go out so just quickly whipped up kungpo squid, vege and pork ribs abc soup for dinner.

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