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12 Mar

Today is beetroot and baby porridge kinda day

My burnt lunch. Was consoling a cranky baby and forgot about the oven haha

Happy 29 months old my precious pumpkin! Please be healthy and not let the stupid bugs in school get to you anymore. Love love u loadsss

So I braised some ribs and cooked lotus root soup for dinner. Reason being my sister brought my parents to starview and guess what they preordered? Their signature pork ribs of course. And I couldn't join them cos of logistic problem. And le hubs had to work late 😭😭 And if I lug the kids along no one would be able to enjoy the ribs in peace anyways haha

See?? Look at the glaze. Mmmmm. Mine doesn't even come close. But I braised mine la cos it's easier just chuck in the pot for 3 hours while I watch the kids. But good enuf to satisfy the cravings hehe 😋