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18 Mar

In the midst of all the chaos and exhaustion still must squeeze in time for a pic :))

Comfort food for today. Clear tomyam ( cos my paste expired 😂) with egg fried rice. Treated myself for lunch today just because last night was quite eventful with Javier puking out his choc biscuits cos of sudden bouts of cough at 3am. ( death stare at hubs for giving him iced chrysanthemum from tan ngan lou). And this morning jolee had a poopslosion all over my sheets. If my sheets could speak I will never hear the end of it 😂

Rainbow from my balcony just now. The boy was so excited he kept saying the rainbow very pretty. And stood to watch till 'it went home to sleep' cos 'it was getting dark' 😂

18 Mar

Spent my noon doing all the cheap canvases before my vouchers expires in 48 hours. When they sent me the email super kanceong max cos I thought it expires in 2018 lol. Really challenging cos today jolee was a sticky koala 😅 Now I need to quickly do my photobook as well before it expires in April 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I had to chuck my insta cards voucher to my sis cos laoniang really no time to do d haha.

Belated kua yin's bday prayers kinda day cos the actual day was on a weekday

Erm. Waiting for daddy outside the loo 😆