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24 Mar

Was having post work headache so I tampal koolfever on my forehead.

👦🏻: (pats the koolfever) mummy pain pain
👩🏻: yes mummy pain pain on the head
👦🏻: Javier sayang ..
then he proceeds to kiss me on the cheek and sayang my head

👩🏻: 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

On another note he hurt another kiddo in school today aih. Teacher told me he was playing with the 2yo boy and probably the kid showed signs of wanting to hurt him he instead scratch both sides of the kid's face first. She said he was defending himself la but gotta tell him it's not the right way to do it lor. He was remorseful though cos he said sorry to the boy and looked really scared and guilty. I'm sure the parents will be ballistic when they see the wounds so I feel really bad.

Little king had never been an aggressive kid to the extend I was so worried he will be bullied in school. Looks like I don't have to worry anymore 😜

Btw he took his first bus ride to the fire station today. Good thing he was well behaved throughout so the teacher said it was probably over excitement that led to the unfortunate incident.

His 'occupation' project for his sch holiday program this week

He even made pizza on 'chef' day hehe. Quite yummy but I doubt he made this himself 😂

Someone with his handmade chef's hat 😂

Reading his peter and Jane 1a. Ahma had been his personal tutor haha. Can only read till page 10 still long way to go lol

Giving his sister a lil loving 😍