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26 Mar

Was cooking this in the slow cooker for dinner then le hubs decided to come home earlier and lug the whole fam for grocery shopping and dinner outside. So the soup became our supper 😂

Someone in her pjs 😅

Dinner at itallianies. He wanted to dip his bread into the balsamic vinegar+olive oil too

Shuddering at the sourness. Then he finds it funny instead 😂

His free alfredo spag. Ended he vomited his dinner cos he had to much of ribena pastilles earlier and downed the whole cup of apple juice. Wasted his free meal nia. Felt so bad for the waitress for having to clean up the vomitus I kept apologizing to her 😌😌

Went home steamed some rice and fed him with soup. He ate the whole adult bowl I was so scared he was gonna hurl again. Cinaboy with his soup just like his cinadaddy 😅