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13 May

The old lady…

So we were having dinner at a seafood restaurant earlier to celebrate Mother's Day. My dad came over to help carry jolee so I could continue eating cos he was done. When I was about done I went around to look for my dad. Turned out he was outside and approached by an old lady. I was walking towards them, so I heard her complimenting jolee a little and then proceeded to carry jolee from my dad's grasp, almost by force. Dad didn't protest,but my gut told me to quickly grab jolee away, which I did.

I just brushed it off by saying that she will cry in the presence of strangers. She stood there stroking her face and even kissed her on her cheeks. Yikes of course I cleaned it with wet wipes after that. She also fleetingly mentioned that she doesn't have any great grandchild yet la, she's 84 this year la and the walked away to a white heavily tinted car waiting for her. Well, I just find it weird that a family would leave such an old fella to walk alone to the car in the dark.

Whether she had any bad intentions I will never find out, but I will always always trust my gut feelings if something is amiss. Cos if anything horrid were to happen it would be too late already.

Of course my mom nagged my dad shitless after that 😂 about all these syndicates that uses old ppl nowadays so he should be more vigilant. Poor old man cos my dad is such a trusting person hehe