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14 May

My adorable Mother's Day card from the little king few days ago. But this morning he busied himself stacking pillows on me and sang happy birthday to me instead 😅😅

Someone had his haircut yesterday. Bye bye tempurung head until, I have to trim them again hehehe

My view when i woke up. Had a mini heart attack then I realize she was just erm, stuck there lol. Took my time to look for my phone sumore I'm such an asshole mom hahaha

Busy busy helping ahma. Until he saw a snail and chickened out

Yummy crabs from last night

Super super yummy seafood laksa

Yummy yummy octopus

Yummy yummy Thai style steamed siakap

Yummy lala yes I have no other better vocab to describe cos they're all just .. yummy ! Hehe. All these plus a giant plate of fried rice and steamed egg and belacan kangkong with drinks was only rm180. And we thought it was gonna cost us more haha. It's been awhile since we came so it was very happifyng to be reunited with my fav seafood laksa! Hehe

Last minute cake hubs bought for the little celebration at home today. Not bad leh. Wanted Haagen daz at first but the only flavor left was some mango sorbet. Doesn't look and sound too yums hehe

My mom and her fav babies haha. I'm sure I was one of her fav once upon a time but have degraded since their arrival lol

Someone was so happy with the cake 😂