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20 May

My dinner from two nights ago. Little king not a fan cos the stupid pasta expanded so much from fettuccine size to this! Haha. More like ban mien lol. I had to hurriedly cook cinapek pork and vege soup for him 💪🏻

Went to the stupid TN50 thingy we were forced to go. So daddy gotta babysit he kids for a while. Came back to this sleepy pig haha

Fasterly cooked Taiwanese braised mince pork with porridge cos the little king only takes rice if there is soup. Obviously the vege went into my tummy instead haha

Its kaikai time again 🙂

Loving the organic hair fudge so no more tempurung head for now hehe

Went to the newly opened boat noodle restaurant. The portion is ridiculously small and options were kinda limited? Only one mouthful per bowl?seriously?We preferred the one at summerton. Much better! At least they serve few mouthfuls and much more variety. But it's been awhile since I went so I hope they don't close down yet hehe

We had to adjourn to sushitei to fill our tummies haha. Little king was obviously pleased cos he could have his fav udon and sushi and edamame 😋😋

Is my hair ok mummy? Time to go kaikai 😂

Brunch time. Not sure why little king looked pissed here?

The considerate staff actually gave him a plastic cup when they knew the milo kosong is for him.

Love the hainanese spring rolls !

Was in the hood so decided to join the short queue to see what's the hype all about. But really quite tasty leh yumsss

This fella insisted on wearing the Mickey hat cos it was apparently raining in sunshine 🙈