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27 May

Our sinful supper. Been wanting to eat grilled cheese sandwiches since forever haha finally pluck my ass up to do it cos my bread is expiring tonight 😆

Daddy cannot share his froyo. It can only enter his mouth when the little royal highness feeds him 😅

My current obsession

Brunch today at pony tale cos saja wanted to check out the baby fair later

Walked across spice's roof garden and I was blown away. Cos I didn't realized it housed such a huge lawn haha. And mostly cos the kid's park is quite impressive haha. But sorry, afternoon sun+open playground we had to scurry away into the shade hehe. But def will be back in the evenings next time!

The kids pool kinda shallow for him so he kept wanting to walk around instead 😅 Hubs had to manually pull his legs up haha

Having fun with daddy. He decided to keep his float off and walk around the pool with daddy tailing closely behind him. Suddenly he slipped and fell head down into the water. Wah scared sial. Hope he didn't drink enough water from the pool to suffer from secondary drowning. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Much to their reluctance; before going out photo 😆 They will thank me one day ok! Haha

Someone had her bulu trimmed again. Aih I missed the groomer from farlim cos only she has the patience to make my ahmok super phong. But logistically it's not so convenient now aih

See the difference ? Hehe

27 May

His fav mcd kinda morning. Took out the patty and left only the egg and cheese in it. Hehe it's only matter of time before he realize that 😆

Canned food kinda dinner yesterday. Tomyam tuna mac cos I'm kinda sick of bland food haha