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14 May

My adorable Mother's Day card from the little king few days ago. But this morning he busied himself stacking pillows on me and sang happy birthday to me instead 😅😅

Someone had his haircut yesterday. Bye bye tempurung head until, I have to trim them again hehehe

My view when i woke up. Had a mini heart attack then I realize she was just erm, stuck there lol. Took my time to look for my phone sumore I'm such an asshole mom hahaha

Busy busy helping ahma. Until he saw a snail and chickened out

Yummy crabs from last night

Super super yummy seafood laksa

Yummy yummy octopus

Yummy yummy Thai style steamed siakap

Yummy lala yes I have no other better vocab to describe cos they're all just .. yummy ! Hehe. All these plus a giant plate of fried rice and steamed egg and belacan kangkong with drinks was only rm180. And we thought it was gonna cost us more haha. It's been awhile since we came so it was very happifyng to be reunited with my fav seafood laksa! Hehe

Last minute cake hubs bought for the little celebration at home today. Not bad leh. Wanted Haagen daz at first but the only flavor left was some mango sorbet. Doesn't look and sound too yums hehe

My mom and her fav babies haha. I'm sure I was one of her fav once upon a time but have degraded since their arrival lol

Someone was so happy with the cake 😂

13 May

The old lady…

So we were having dinner at a seafood restaurant earlier to celebrate Mother's Day. My dad came over to help carry jolee so I could continue eating cos he was done. When I was about done I went around to look for my dad. Turned out he was outside and approached by an old lady. I was walking towards them, so I heard her complimenting jolee a little and then proceeded to carry jolee from my dad's grasp, almost by force. Dad didn't protest,but my gut told me to quickly grab jolee away, which I did.

I just brushed it off by saying that she will cry in the presence of strangers. She stood there stroking her face and even kissed her on her cheeks. Yikes of course I cleaned it with wet wipes after that. She also fleetingly mentioned that she doesn't have any great grandchild yet la, she's 84 this year la and the walked away to a white heavily tinted car waiting for her. Well, I just find it weird that a family would leave such an old fella to walk alone to the car in the dark.

Whether she had any bad intentions I will never find out, but I will always always trust my gut feelings if something is amiss. Cos if anything horrid were to happen it would be too late already.

Of course my mom nagged my dad shitless after that 😂 about all these syndicates that uses old ppl nowadays so he should be more vigilant. Poor old man cos my dad is such a trusting person hehe

12 May

7 morning 8 morning had to drag my butt up from bed to make this for little king's school's teachers day celebration today. Egg mayo and cheese sandwiches for the kids cos also it's the easiest thing I know how to make 😅

Then had to painstakingly ooze my almost nonexistent craftsmanship and make something for his teachers cos the memo they gave was to give 'something special' to show appreciation. Walau and I almost wanted to just buy chocs for them until they say no snacks please. But then again if it was chocs I doubt Javier will give his teacher any 😂😂

From my talented baker colleague who constantly feeds us with her experiments. Lucky us!

Alligator clips for her cos she finally haz some hair!

10 May

What I found in the evening just now after feeding meimei in the room. Must've been very exhausted lol

Someone's all set to go kaikai. Weather was so gloomy

Had our brekkie at this retro looking restaurant

My hainanese chicken chop was pretty good. But bad for my sore throat 😅

Car watching cos we were waiting for the rain to stop before going to the temple

Yea we had all the time in the world to even take a full fam shot. Think the last time we took was like cny? Lol. Cos I'm always the photographer 😒

Then it was paipai time when the rain slowed to a drizzle

Bathe the Buddha

This girl just slept throughout the whole thing 😂

8 May

Mom made chili crab for dinner just now. Wah so yums *rubs belleh*

So does it mean mummy, ah ma or mam mam 🤔

7 May

Dinner tonight. Garlic lime and lemongrass steamed sotong 😋😋😋

Kaikai day cos hubs finally can off on a Sunday. Yay and nay. Finally I have a pair of extra hands at home. Or so I thought. But little king got into even more mishaps with the daddy around. Somehow he managed to lock himself in the bathroom when hubs bathed him this morning. Why was he left inside in the first place? 😓 And then he managed to rummage my aerosol repellant from my handbag and sprayed his eyes. When he was with daddy also while I was bfing meimei.

Wah so many heart attacks in a day I told hubs why not u continue working on Sundays so I can have a peace of mind albeit being a lil more tired. No need to go out shopping or kaikai is fine by me 😒

Someone's snack time this afternoon. The dimsum place aunty exclaimed that she's grown so much cos the last time I brought her she was just a wee baby into 2-3 months old. Time flies aihhh

Before kaikai today. Someone injured his lips cos he fell off the bed in the middle of the night onto the mattress on the floor. But before he landed on the floor he slammed his face on the sideboard first. Poor baby now his lips are swollen as though he got lip fillers 😓

6 May

Story of last night. Both standing in the cot happily

Then noty kor kor decided to push meimei onto the bed cos he doesn't want to share the same 'corner'

So he was banished to the other 'corner'. Everybody is happy now