Archive | June, 2017
26 Jun

How the little king enjoys his food. But on very rare occasion cos he doesn't eat so well outside

Dinner time. Wanted to try making those Taiwanese milky broth but instead of buying yam for the soup base I came back with ubi cis. I just grabbed from the basket that says yam ma so didn't think that much lor 🤦🏻‍♀️

Someone wanted a piece too lol

Poor jolee suddenly vomited nonstop since dinner time. That was before I wanted to feed her dinner. Aih, probably it's some stupid bug she picked up hope it's nothing serious. Cos I saw an aedes biting her downstairs yesterday before I smacked it to death. I was already on paranoid mode hoping she doesn't catch dengue and the stupid mozzie is not a carrier.

25 Jun

Someone was enjoying the view with a packet of microwaved popcorns my grand aunt made for him

And another fella was enjoying all the attention and being ferried around hehe

The said popcorns. It was really yummy though

Yummy rose gelato for us to share.

And this fella is excited to be sitting in the trolley for the first time 😂 Cos normally she's in the carrier.

Selamat Hari raya everyone! Donned in baju melayu for the first time and he was so reluctant cos it's the wrong 'uniform' lol. Gonna get him the kain samping and little kopiah next year haha

24 Jun

My cholor

Baby girl lol

14 Jun

Something cooling for the hot weather 😋😋😋😋

12 Jun

What happened to my camera will when the little king hijacked my phone 😂😂

11 Jun

Me entertaining them with ' if you're happy and you know it' while the daddy takes his own sweet time doing 'spa' in the bathroom 😂

Her up to no good face lol

This is mummy can you donate some money to me face 😂

Went to aeon earlier and the renovated section is now opened. It really blew me away cos selections are super vast now (byebye cold storage) and everything is so organized now haha. They even have one section for prepacked ingredients for noob cooks. Just buy the pack home and you have a meal ady. Was very tempted to buy the ikan bakar set 😋😋

10 Jun

Spent the whole day recovering from the tiredness from lil king's school outing yesterday. So yea this clingy mom went along with him. Haha. The last time I sat in a school bus was eons ago lol.

Good thing he didn't cling to me during he whole trip which I was worried about. Whole trip was quite well organized I would say, it was one teacher to three student ratio so the parents are there to help and serve as extra eyes lor.

I ended up watching over this little girl from his class most of the time. Cos she is so cutely blur she would ram herself into pillars when holding hands with her classmate 😂😂 I told the little king to follow his teacher and he obeyed cos he was worried if he doesn't I will leave him there 😂

But poor guy today woke up with some sniffles and low grade fever d. Huhu. Good thing it's long weekend so we can all stay home and recuperate. But I really have new found respect for preschool teachers!

The amount of energy you need to manage kids of this era is really no easy feat 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Having this for supper now. Very yummy yee fu mee with super wok hei from chai leng park . Parents actually came over to babysit the kids for a while when I attended my colleague's wedding dinner. Cos they know le hubs wont be able to handle cranky jolee cos she can really wail and scream continuously lol. They bought extra food for me cos they know I won't be eating much from the dinner aih parents are the best hehe