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30 Jul

My view this morning

Reminded me of this painting I saw in Sistine chapel years ago 😂 something about god creating Adam and Eve?

Tried taking their photo on the barstool instead cos they LOvE rolling around on the sofa. Very cranky cos both thought they were being punished …

And then jolee decided to lunge sideways to snatch korkor's piece of ice ( what I used to bribe them 😂). I didn't manage to catch her cos it happened to suddenly so she fell head first on the floor. The bruise was actually quite small cos the fall was kinda slo-mo but when she started vomiting I panicked!

Felt like such an asshole mom then for causing this to my daughter. Aih. Brought her to the clinic to have her checked so yea this series of pics caused me 45 bucks 😓 Well turned out it could also the cheese stick I fed her right before the fall. She didn't like it but ate half anyways and even gagged a few times. It's her first time so maybe her tastebuds are more oriental just like the daddy.

After clearing her entire gi from the cheese and yucky cereal she was up and about again 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

So maybe it's the fall + yucky breakfast that made her vomit I hope? And not some serious concussion or brain damage sigh🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

When I showed him his toothbrush has suction he suddenly realized brushing his teeth can be handsfree 😅😅😅

Why my baby looked so grown up here?? I normally beg to differ when ppl comments that she looks like me cos I don't really see the resemblance that much?

But this frown. Hands down totally me lol. I see my self in my frowning daughter 😂😂

27 Jul

My daughter confirm has more clothes than me 😂😅😅

My samseng poh. Pardon the mess. Less than a month she'll be upgraded to a toddler!

Ohmaigawd where did all the time go????

Busy layaning his fun thinkers. Pay d must make use of them hehe

16 Jul

Was craving for tomyam the other night so made this on Friday for dinner. Perfect for rainy evening hehe

Hope the scar won't be too obvious when it heals. Most of the wound had closed except for this indent cos most probably he hit the hardest on that point when he fell. Oh ya he fell under daddy's watch again. This time with blood splashing everywhere. Don't even get me started cos the buried fury will be unleashed again. Haha. But luckily it didn't require any stitches la poor fella. And the daddy felt very bad already so better not rub salt on his wound further 😅

Lunch situation today with his new sticker book hehe. He has plenty of these all over the house but for less than 10 bucks each I reckon it's good investment for them to kill time haha. Good for precision learning too cos this OCD fella will keep removing the vehicles until it's within the shape. By then it's no longer sticky 😂😅

Erm, she finds it hilarious that I let her balance precariously on the edge of the bed? 😂😅

Today's failed sibling shot.
'erm can someone teach kor kor about respecting a lady's modesty ?'

Her first time at the playroom today. Clearly she has more guts than the brother lol. Cos for some strange reason he still doesn't want to ride on this rocking donkey.

She didn't refuse the slide and loved it!

The dried up trees very got feel

Spotted many of these along our walk. Some droopy flowers plant thingy. The princess enjoyed the walk thoroughly but for me it was like intense cardio 😆

13 Jul

Throwback from last week when we were on our way to baby George's birthday. Thank god both recovered from some stupid bug so I don't have to ffk the bash hehe

Only less than two months apart

Enjoying her daily morning walk with ahkong

Spot the baby

Then we chucked meimei at grandma's and watch minions with the little king. He loved it!

Her current obsession. She will sit so still just waiting for us to discover her 😂 And get all excited when we 'found' her. Lol

7 Jul

Throwback from few days ago. The little girl was gleeful cos her daddy paid some attention to her 😂

Obviously this fella wouldn't wana miss out as well

My avo was almost rotten so had to make this for dinner last night. Avo egg bacon cheesy wrap. Sounds healthy but damn fattening lol

Someone went paipai again today. Too sunny hence the sunglasses 😂

Then it was pigeon chasing time! He had a ball of time!

Love my pretty dessert today

I had to take big fat licks to reduce the amount that went into his tummy 😂