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16 Jul

Was craving for tomyam the other night so made this on Friday for dinner. Perfect for rainy evening hehe

Hope the scar won't be too obvious when it heals. Most of the wound had closed except for this indent cos most probably he hit the hardest on that point when he fell. Oh ya he fell under daddy's watch again. This time with blood splashing everywhere. Don't even get me started cos the buried fury will be unleashed again. Haha. But luckily it didn't require any stitches la poor fella. And the daddy felt very bad already so better not rub salt on his wound further 😅

Lunch situation today with his new sticker book hehe. He has plenty of these all over the house but for less than 10 bucks each I reckon it's good investment for them to kill time haha. Good for precision learning too cos this OCD fella will keep removing the vehicles until it's within the shape. By then it's no longer sticky 😂😅

Erm, she finds it hilarious that I let her balance precariously on the edge of the bed? 😂😅

Today's failed sibling shot.
'erm can someone teach kor kor about respecting a lady's modesty ?'

Her first time at the playroom today. Clearly she has more guts than the brother lol. Cos for some strange reason he still doesn't want to ride on this rocking donkey.

She didn't refuse the slide and loved it!

The dried up trees very got feel

Spotted many of these along our walk. Some droopy flowers plant thingy. The princess enjoyed the walk thoroughly but for me it was like intense cardio 😆