26 Aug

Suddenly received an email from WordPress to update my password so went and take a look at my old posts. Yeaps, launiang here used to blog back in school during free time cos erm life back then was more happening mah haha.

Walau what iz this perempuan act-soleh 😂😅 gig makes me laugh out loud only 😅

Wah this was in 2005 still very plumped with collagen hehe

Ahh yes, the only photo evidence of me working in subway in Glasgow last time. My position was sandwich artist ok don't play play 😆😆

Wow I think I used to take better pics also. This was straight from camera somemore. Or maybe cos the place is too pretty anyhow also the picture will turn out nice.

When I used to have ALL the time in the world to properly compose a picture of petals aih

And what my definition of ootd used to be. We didn't have Instagram-husbands or Instagram-friends. It was behind-the-bulky-camera-friends. Sorry launiang came from non-smartphone era yea

When the only filtered picture comes with the basic preset ones u get in your canggih camera. Unless you are very good with photoshop then that's a different story altogether.

When my life was just about me I was a little bit of hiaubu. Now I'm aih don't even want to talk about it 😢

Found this pic in one of my post too. One of my fav cities. Good this my old blog is still around cos my external hdd that housed all these old pics died on me huhu. Good times 🙂🙂🙂

That was more than a decade ago and this is me now. My world. I may have less sleep, less hair, and less hiau now but my heart is full, and not forgetting my waistline too 😆

Mini pancake stack kinda day with Greek yoghurt and fruits

He kept asking me to remove the 'cold cream' cos it was sour so I drizzled some maple syrup for him

Kaikai day today yays . Went and sapu stride rite shoes some more cos three pairs you get total 50% off really worth it leh. The only store in Penang is closing down in another week so we stocked up to last both kiddos at least another year and more haha

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