Archive | August, 2017
19 Aug

What kept me on my toes these few days 😂 yea and this boy included. My very 'helpful' helper haha

18 Aug

Just collected this beautiful jelly cake from my crazy talented colleague for the princess mini bday bash tmr. 😍😍 cannot stop staring at it hehe

Gotta keep the diy mojo going 💪🏻💪🏻

13 Aug

Such a tiring day. Woke up 7 early 8 early for this. His blue team came in second he was so happy with his silver medal haha. It was initially a tie then two parent volunteer had to play stone, paper and scissors to determine the winner 😂😂

But I noticed a little boy probably about age 5 or so was wailing cos his team won the bronze medal. He was so dissatisfied and wanted gold and wouldn't want to leave otherwise 😱 omg kiasuness at such tender how is he gonna survive later in life wor 🤔

8 Aug

Someone blowing his hot red brief dry cos it's still a little damp lol

5 Aug

Twinning with my boy kinda day

4 Aug

Someone trying to act cute here

She was actually picking up crumbs from korkor's ice cream cone cos he refused to share with her so keliannnn 😢

Showing his meimei how fishing is done :p

This is a pretty good old school toy for the kids to train their patience

What happened when I left both for a short while during shower. He slathered ezzera all over meimei's face. Tian ah🤦🏻‍♀️