3 Sep

Oh we brought jolee for cars in IMAX the other day too. And initially we were the only patrons there walaueh scared die me. I tried not to look at other empty seats. Hungry ghost month ma so feel a lil bit paranoid. Otherwise it would feel kinda luxe cos felt like we booked the whole cinema haha. Luckily two girls came in 20 mins into the show so I felt much better.

Dinner at rakuzen cos I was craving for their sashimi salad 😋😋 This boy nowadays like
to toast to anything suddenly so appreciative of his good life haha

Sorry no sashimi for you little girl

It's the two orang tua punya birthday but that little boy had been helping everyone to blow their candles thus far ;p

Gonna be a cray cray month ahead with all the events planning zzzz. Really wake me up when September ends lor 😓 Sigh really not looking forward to this month at all 🤢😖 Just have to hope everything will go smoothly 💪🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sigh my 7 year old dslr is missing. I still use it occasionally cos of the portrait lens attached to it. It normally sits inside the glass closure of my dressing table and its bulkiness normally hinder door from closing tightly. I was looking for it after not using for almost a month and it's not there?

Searched the whole room and other possible spots in the house but it's nowhere to be found 😢 Then I suddenly had a thought to check the drawer that normally housed its charger.

But the charger was not there as well? So there are two possibilities. It's either taken away, or I somewhat packed it together with the charger and lend it to someone which I totally forgot about. I'm pretty sure I did not misplace it cos who would misplace their camera together with its charger right?

My mum is suspicious of the weekly maid that comes in but wouldn't it be too bulky to target my old cam that doesn't even cost that much anymore?

I'm keeping my hopes high that the maid helped me stash it somewhere so the glass door doesn't get stuck anymore? 🙏🏻 my concern is actually not really the cam actually but I have the kids pictures inside. What if they're used for bad intentions ?😱

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