23 Sep

Fried rice for the kids yesterday. It was jolee's first time though. She ate a little, didn't want then when she saw me feeding the brother she wanted again sibeh kiasu 😅

The samseng mui

This little guy here was on a sudden helpful streak. I wonder how long it would last though haha. He's been washing his own plates after using. But that of course comes at an expense. I had to standby dry clothes for him 😅

What happened when I left the both of them for a little while. Aih. Well the daddy was working 10-10 so it was me and them whole day and night haha. Felt like I grew another muscle or two ! 💪🏻💪🏻

Little king's udon today. Added egg drop so it will look like udon yin yong 😆

Loving my bacon egg wrap today

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