Archive | February, 2018
7 Feb

Yummy dinner at an viet earlier. With le hubs only. Mom gave us few hours to run our cny errands without the kids so took my time to feed myself as well haha. Ah if only I had more space for the bahn mi 😋😋

5 Feb

The only two hour free quota I get to have before cny haha. Gotta make full use of it 😆

3 Feb

Crashing ahkong and ahmas company retreat . Both having the sniffles but didn't want to get out of the pool 😅

Managed to coax them out but into the tub they went. Ah at least got warm water so better than nothing 😆

How uncooperative they are nowadays 😅 Doubt I will get many nice photos for cny later 😅😅😓