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adios sem 7

16 Dec

DDS class test earlier marked the end of this semester. It whizzed by so fast little did i know that it came to an end already. Christmas is in less than 2 weeks and SALES banner were erected in every shop i saw. WTH.

I better hibernate in my room. Going out is extremely dangerous for me. Financially.Sigh

Earlier we went to Loon Fung, to chill, celebrate bigboyKEN‘s birthday and sang our hearts out cos we managed to book ourselves a room. Boy it was fun! We must do this more often.:) I miss RedBox so so much:)

Piccies time:)


Make a wish ! ‘hope the guys will pay for my meal tonight’

it came true anyways:P


blow away!

img_4629ways to make ur chin appear sharper. rule no 1. suck in ur neck:P



another nondoublechin pic to compensate for the first one:P

while some were singing. in tune pun ada off tune pun ada:p


she had a good time


entertained by his antics:P


some jaychou moments


some were singing away..

img_4929while gobi doesnt understand a single word they were singing


He took over. and boy what a commotion he caused


she was super geli hati. gobi now u know who laughed the hardest:P


sweating after a duet with karen. so chikek meh:P

img_51952i was forced to do a mary had a little lamb rendition:(


img_4992some GAY-ish moments


some gossiped away


these 2 were constantly eating:P



the couples

img_4913the girlsss:)

A funfilled night it was. Food + company+ deafeningofftunemusic was good:P

Left at 3plus am.

Hope Ken had a good time. HapPy 21st again!!:)

beautiful people

20 Feb

it is an emotional art for a person to be able to have sky-high confidence in what he/she does and yet be so humble about it.

to be a genius and yet cherishes the thoughts of others cos everybody is different in their own ways and hence have different mindset.

to be able to raise him/herself above others without making others feel like they’re beneath him/her.

to be able to put a smile on a friend’s face and say the right things when things are at the utmost low.

to have the willingness to go the extra mile for a friend even though it might not be in his/her favour.

to know when to draw a line to his/her sarcasm. sometimes its funny most of the time Not.

to know its important to have good communication and people skills all the time and not only cos its required by our profession.

to be able to interact with people from all walks’ of life at ease.

to know when to stop talking and start listening to others. a combination of different music notes always sound better than a loud flat treble no?

to be able to share his/her thoughts with another without appearing too full of him/herself.

to know how to sell him/herself to the superiors in a sophisticated manner and yet be so humble when grandiosity is not necessary.

this is totally random. i just like to observe people 🙂
its an excuse to get away from PP2 for a short while 😛