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which part of cameron highland attracts you most?

2 May

Seniors went to keukenhof garden in amsterdam and i was so jeles. Cos the tulips were damn beauuutifffuull..

Now i have a fair share of flower piccies to show off..No tulips, but better than nth..bluekss

Aunt and uncle drove there.i thought it was gonna be a boring trip.what can you do besides all the sightseeing with other ahpo tourists and groups of screaming kids on a school tour?(i was one of them before..10years back..teehee)

The trip was surprisingly fulfilling. everything there is so pretty and HUGE. They even have purple chillies. wth..and huge turnips

omg, i sounded like my grandparents who went there recently..why am i getting so excited over fruits and veges?…LOL

perhaps its a sign, that im already embracing my *cough*maturity*cough* haha

so, what is the reason tonnes of peeps throng cameron almost everyday?

is it the pretty flora u get see but no way u can bring them home them unless u build an indoor garden with aircon?

Or few intriguing species that catches your attention?

is it cos of the abundance of strawberries all over, edible and non-edible ones?

Or the massive tea plantation?

To me,my cheeky cuzzie was the xfactor that brought lots of laughter to the whole trip..LOL..our dearest chicken little..see how he has grown..sudah besar panjang (besar dan panjang:P)

He was so excited over the tea leaves he plucked and insisted that it smelled like tea..wth
He shoved the whole thing under my nose and asked me if it smelled nice..i thought it smelled like..well..leaves?

yes, i like flowers and veges and fruits and kids. im not in denial.u can call me aunty:P