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see no evil, eat no evil, buy no evil

2 Jun

Been eating and lepaking like theres no tomorrow.

beware !!
long and random bits ahead

Watched Narnia and i thought it was just Ok..not mindblowing..but soso cute boys to drool well, it was good enough for me:P

Indiana Jones on the other hand was good from the beginning (*hearts* shia le bouf) but the ending was a bit potong stim..haha..extraterresterial?? they gotta be kidding..LOL

btw, the newly opened noodle station in sunway carnival was surprisingly good. Went there for dinner with my siblings before our movie:) Prices were reasonable and most of the dishes ive tried were yummy. And the tomyam is wicked:) i never thought i’ll ever eat any dish with evaporated milk in it. esp after my food poisoning incident in kuchai lama..hehe. but the tomyam is a must try:)

my honey bbq drumstick with springy noodles:)

i have a fetish for coloured drinks:P

my bro’s noodles that tasted like wantan mee:P

this pic doesnt do the thai fried noodles any justice. it tastes better than it looks;)

our tom YUMMmmmmm

Also, i saw my last sunset for the year in batu ferringhi with mich and bel. It was a race against time..We could see the sun already setting and were still far away frm the beach. Cos we lost track of time shopping in Gurney..hehe.We sped and this is what we got from whatever thats left of it:P

some locals enjoying the waves

then it got darker

to kill time, and to make full use of the almost empty memory card, we decided to do a lil bollywood before it gets too dark:P Not pro i know but this will suffice:)

golden sands we didnt stay here. just ‘walked’ thru:P

Highlight of the day was pirated dvd hunting which left me rm64 poorer. but worth it nevertheless:). One disc is rm4 and if u purchase more than 10disc u get one free. Im missing that place already:)

Another thing worth mentioning was the Malay laksa my aunt had been raving about. Its in Pulau Jerejak Resort and Spa. Not the island itself. Just the jetty area:) It was not bad surprisingly. last time i had one was during highschool. and i didnt like it.hehe.But my heart stays with assam laksa:)

can u see the pg bridge?

zoomed..3.8x nia..haha

the jetty

Also, i met up with the PMCians in hongkie kopitiam, autocity the other night. Thought of catching dj Goldfish as well but to no avail. By the time we were done catching up and gossiping it was already late. It was great meeting up with Jason, Jean, Chris, Peihwa and Alan. Spent most of the time laughing. Esp when Chris painstakingly defended his hometown Bintulu. again. We even laughed at how they name their dishes.. Thats prolly the only thing that makes hongkie kopitiam different from wongkok char chan teng and kim gary:)

my tai chi pork ribs

gotta love the interior:)

the girls

all of us:)

Did SOME shopping also despite the very limited weight i can bring over. But essentials ma..what do to.blueks

yes, i love blings on my jeans:P

loving my new sunnies. its darker than it looks

went to queensbay with mum and sis yday..again.haha

i *heart* la senza sales. spend rm150 and above u get a free 2ml of Lancome Virtouse Mascara. i got 2 tubes. Plus get to apply for membership card and then got more discounts cos get to use the vouchers instantly..whee~~

bras, undies and baju tidur(s)

after shopping, had dinner in Siam Express. Ordered the set for 2 and topped up with another dish of Pandan Leaves Chicken. The tomyam was damn good i tell u. super sour and tasty. The green curry was delicious too. The pandan chicken was marinated and grilled/fried to perfection. My fav was of cos undoubtedly the tomyam. mum loves the green curry best..hehe

kangkung belacan

pandan chicken

some fried dumplings..this is just so so i think

this was green i swear:P its the lighting

orgasmic tomyam

our water chesnut dessert

that basically (ALMOST) sums up what ive been up to last 1 weekplus.

Going to makan dinner in Chicago Rib House later. Been hearing some good reviews about the place from a few friends. it better be good.ADIOS!!

which part of cameron highland attracts you most?

2 May

Seniors went to keukenhof garden in amsterdam and i was so jeles. Cos the tulips were damn beauuutifffuull..

Now i have a fair share of flower piccies to show off..No tulips, but better than nth..bluekss

Aunt and uncle drove there.i thought it was gonna be a boring trip.what can you do besides all the sightseeing with other ahpo tourists and groups of screaming kids on a school tour?(i was one of them before..10years back..teehee)

The trip was surprisingly fulfilling. everything there is so pretty and HUGE. They even have purple chillies. wth..and huge turnips

omg, i sounded like my grandparents who went there recently..why am i getting so excited over fruits and veges?…LOL

perhaps its a sign, that im already embracing my *cough*maturity*cough* haha

so, what is the reason tonnes of peeps throng cameron almost everyday?

is it the pretty flora u get see but no way u can bring them home them unless u build an indoor garden with aircon?

Or few intriguing species that catches your attention?

is it cos of the abundance of strawberries all over, edible and non-edible ones?

Or the massive tea plantation?

To me,my cheeky cuzzie was the xfactor that brought lots of laughter to the whole trip..LOL..our dearest chicken little..see how he has grown..sudah besar panjang (besar dan panjang:P)

He was so excited over the tea leaves he plucked and insisted that it smelled like tea..wth
He shoved the whole thing under my nose and asked me if it smelled nice..i thought it smelled like..well..leaves?

yes, i like flowers and veges and fruits and kids. im not in denial.u can call me aunty:P

eternal bliss

11 Mar

it was my cousin sister’s wedding in spore last weekend. She’s my first paternal cousin to get married. Too bad i couldn’t make it. If exams’ not in one week, im so there liao. sigh. have not seen them in AGES.

wishing you guys eternal happiness and a LOVE-filled wedded life:)

the couple 🙂

Gosh, couz Luke had definitely expanded vertically!!

mum, some of my aunts and my pretty cuz

aunts and cuzzies

and last but not least, thanks xu xu for the earrings.. *heart them* 🙂

Tao round 2

13 Feb

my dad is not a fan of jap food, so its very kind of him to actually bring all of us to Tao. majority wins.muahahha..poor old man.

but poor old man surprisingly ate so much when we got back the toilet became his second home…LOL

everybody liked the place except for the fact that some orders didnt come, and sometimes we had to wait for quite awhile before the food arrives.

and the whole place was jam packed. cny mar.hehe

we were early, so we walked around the place and camwhored a lil. well, more like i camwhored nia *winks*

the liqour bar..i want one of these in my house too!!

nice walkway

a kiss for the statue

everything in Tao is just so pretty..that includes the light in the restroom cubicle 😛

this was situated near the entrance..have no idea what is it for *winks*

its makan time 🙂

1/3 of our sushi spread

crab salad

must-have tempuras

unagi don

grilled salmon..Mmm

general chicken

abalone..had heaps of this..keke

i realised that i was too busy eating i forgot to snap a pic of my all time fav scallops..eessh

orang tua saya yang dikasihi

my adik-adik 🙂

us 🙂

the joys of CNY

7 Feb

been waking up at 7am everyday since i got back home. wth its been ages since i actually heard the roosters crow in the morning. followed mum to the pasar pagi to get cny stuffs. boy its neverending. and ive never seen such old ganas aunties before. i was practically shoved and pushed aside by those ganas aunties who wanted to get their hands on the freshest and biggest and cheapest. since i was just my mum’s mobile ‘trolley’ i gave way and stood aside to prevent from being slammed into a crate of veges.

did a couple of last minute shopping with my sis also. everything has to be new mar.

from undies to slippers. all new 🙂

must be donned in new pieces from top to bottom.

according to shianyi, if u do that u will have abundance of clothes to wear the whole year round. didnt know that. its normally an excuse to get more stuffs nia 😛

i was in charge of the tomyam steamboat this year. tomyam ala mamak.
garnered lotsa compliments from family members. *super proud* pak amir will see me again.real soon :p

when it was still in the kuali

big fat prawns..yummmm

juicy scallops

and some of the other balls:P

played fireworks with my siblings later that night. not before my sis almost murdered me with one of those fireworks that shoots up high in the sky when she accidentally dropped it on the ground. so it was shooting horizontally at all directions. it was scary. but all of us emerged unscathed. we even had a good laugh after that.LOL

embracing the inner kid in me 😛

camwhored a lil with family on the first day.hehe

i love these people 🙂

cny would not be complete without gambling aight…coupled with cny junks..the combination is just too addictive.haha

my royal flush:P

it was also good meeting up with people ive not seen in ages 🙂 ‘ah ma’ dearest. safe journey back to melb

2 guys, 5 girls and a coffee place

the battle of the ‘mulut besars’

in denial 😛

and playing with my lil cuzzies in maternal grandparents’ place. i mean really LITTLE..:P
not forgetting catching up with my paternal least i dont feel so old with them.LOL..cos im not the eldest here..whee~~

extra roundness after 2 days of excessive makan 😛

another reunion dinner

bad angle..LOL

our ‘waiter’ for the night with his other half 🙂

meiyoong jie and i

some of the orang tuas 😛

the best part??

what else…haha


dong zhi festival

22 Dec

Its the time of the year again:) Dong Zhi literally means ‘arrival of winter’ and is an important occasion worth celebrating to signify the good year we’ve had. This day usually falls on the 22nd of December every year and occurs approximately 6 weeks before Chinese New Year. This is a time for family reunion as well as an occasion for friends and relatives to get together.

Tang Yuan or also known as sweet soup of glutinuous rice balls is essential during this festival. Eaten as it is or stuffed with peanut, black sesame or red bean paste, this delicacy signifies unity and harmony in a family.

This year i got a lil adventurous:) As usual my mom,sis, bro rolled the normal rice balls but ive decided to make an extra of 18 rice balls stuffed with brown sugar. Well, they turned out OK only..i still prefer black sesame stuffings:P

Being the good daughter i am, i woke up at 6 plus and followed my mum to the morning market, helped in preparing the offerings to ancestors as well as the elaborate prayers at home and drove her to a nearby temple to pray. It felt like only yesterday when i last celebrated this festival. how time flies. my grandma told me that we’re considered ‘a year older’ after eating the tangyuan.Gosh!

while my sis and i struggled to roll evenly shaped rice balls,

my bro wins hands down with his perfectly shaped ‘balls’
guys are better with balls uh?:p

some of the offerings

on a slightly different note, what do u get when u blend a mixture of

a few batangs of red chillies,
a few batangs of chilli padi,
a few cloves of garlic,
2-3 tsp of lime juice,
2-3 tsp of rice vinegar,
and some concentrated chicken broth/stock?

u get a superduperspicylicious chilli sauce

to go with this

‘pak cham kai’ aka steamed chicken ( if you realise, its part of the offerings on the table)

i finally got it right:))) wheeee~~~~

home sweet home

20 Dec

one month in KL had never felt so long felt like ages since i came back to my good ol’ BM. skipped a couple of classes so that i can spend an extra of 24 hours at home..SHhHHhhH..:P

nothing beats the familiarity that i yearn for each time im away. it just feels good knowing that no matter how far you’ve gone to, theres always a place called home for you to come back to, unconditionally. i love seeing the excitement on my sis’s face when im back, and listening to my mum’s nagging knowing that it was done purely out of concern, chocs left by my dad when hes outstation ( as compensation :P) or my bro’s smirk when he looks at me and tells me that ive gained a few feels good to be treated like a princess when im home, knowing that these ppl i call family will always accept me as who i am or whom ive become. i love them for loving me unconditionally and will forever be grateful for that:)

sorry for that short emo post, im bored and still overwhelmed from the joy of being at home:P

anyways, i watched Enchanted again with my sis. Had another dose of my McDREAMY aka Patrick Dempsey. He’s utterly charming and gorgeous!!!!!i love love love!!! i wonder when will i have my happy ever after *grins*

made sushi with my sis later in the evening. i was kinda reluctant at first since i had not really recovered from jogoya but i gave in after she persuaded me for like 10mins:P got our stuffs from giant and carrefour. i was surprised that they actually sell ebiko separately.hehe.
our first time though, so pardon me if they dont look so pretty..hehe