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victoria park

22 Jun

one thing i hate about glasgow: the erratic downpour. ive walked under the rain for 4 consecutive days. that explaines why my flu never get better:(

rain rain go away:(. yea i know u cant see the raindrops. but theyre there. and also i wana show off flo’s photography skills:P

what explains my love for this place: shopping and beautiful parks:)

victoria park was one beautiful park we went to earlier today led my prof jim wilson. it was situated near the jordan hill campus.

see flo was so excitedly cute:P

We were trying very hard to catch up with him as we had to camwhore along the way and the rain definitely did not do us any help.:(

went into the Fossil Grove and was kinda disappointed. Prolly we expected more cos he was raving about how we should rush to the place before it closes. if u want to know more about the place just click here

flo and i bought the same 3 pounds umbrella from Primark. love it to bits. its very handy as it protects us from the rain, wind and serves as a very handy prop to camwhore:P

we accompanied karen to buchanan st earlier so that she can get her handbag. much earlier. even before the shops were open:P

can i teleport myself in there somehow?:P

then we got dumped when she decided to continue shopping. ate fish and chips for lunch before leaving for the train station.

look at the size of that thing!

then off we go!! altho i secretly wish it would continue raining so that i can spend longer time window shopping.LOL.

my homies and i

some of us

us again:P

prof jim wilson
i have better camwhore skills than jase

love the trees:)

loving the flowers

and the lake:)

dengan yieng yang molek:)

then we decided to embrace the inner child in us:P

we climbed

but the kiasu guys climbed higher:P

a lesbo moment:P
so long, farewell

a mandatory jumping pic:P

been a long day. tired but have to prepare for pp3 tmr. its gonna be another long week:(

god bless me


Pork ribs anyone???

3 Jun

I wouldnt know the existence of this place if not cos of good reviews from some of my friends.

The supposedly huge banner which is located next to Citibank’s banner looks faded and not vivid enough. I actually missed it despite its size.

No picture cos i was too busy yakking in the car:P

They should put road signs or sth directing orang ramai to the place. Dahlah we dont have that many outlets like this in mainland, they should advertise kao kao since theyre like one of the very few ones we can find here. And very good too:) Apparently its the sister to Tony Romas and Manhattan Fish Market.

the interior

i ordered the famous st louis pork ribs combo with fried shrimp. The pork was smothered with super sensational bbq sauce and was just right. Juicy and tender that is. They used the same sauce for their buffalo wings which was equally great. I prefer this one to Chillis actually:)

my ribs.hehe

buffalo wings

my shirley temple’s just so-so. I prefer the one in lecka lecka:)

Bel had some blackened catch of the day which was superb. Didnt sound that appealing when i read the menu but when i tried i was like..gosh, they couldve come up with a better name to match its standard.

bel’s blackened catch. its blacker than it looks..hehe

Mich’s fish and chips and jess’s fried chicken fillet (duno whats the actual name) came in such huge portion it could feed my whole kampung:P haha..

the chicken fillets are massive:P

Service was amazing, waiters were friendly and we got 10% waivered off. prolly cos we were one of the very few customers there..muahaha..

The assistant manager and assistant kitchen manager actually came forth and gave us their name cards..and some discount stickers..haha..they must think we’re some food blogger or not if i come across good stuffs of cos must share right:)

for u to cuci tangan laaa
overall it was a nice place to chill, good food and good service. Must say one of the best we have over here. And comparable to the ones u can find in kl:)

how to get there

the beginning of an end

5 Apr

It was very sweet of our juniors to throw all of us a farewell party the other night.

Performances were great and thanks kakeat for making such a great video. I almost had tears in my eyes. It was very moving:)

Later, goodbyes and well wishes were exchanged amongst juniors and seniors before we bid our final adieu to IMU

It had been 2.5 years…friendships were fostered and lifelong bonds were formed. I have made friends that i know i can count on at anytime, anyday.

Friends that gossip with you till wee hours in the morning , friends that show u theres light at every end of a dark tunnel, friends that put a smile on your face, a friend who can be ur on-call shopping partner, a friend who does favors for you without asking for anything in return, and most importantly, friends that had seen you at your highest and lowest moments and yet chooses to stick with you. thats really priceless 🙂

of course there are times where u feel like u could’ve done better, in any aspect, but i would’nt do it any other way, given the chance to turn back time 🙂

Honestly speaking, i don’t think i will miss IMU as much as i missed high school or even INTEC. But its still too early to say anything.hehe. Maybe bcos everything is so routine here? or is it cos everything is now harder and more complicated for me to comprehend? studies-wise? or human relationships?

or maybe cos the building i spent hours and days in does not exude uni-ish feeling? maybe cos i spent more time getting pissed with ongoing construction all over the place i actually forgot to enjoy my time there..SOMETIMES..haha

Watching the video the other night stirred emotions that was never there before. Some parts were VERY memorable, whereas some parts buzzed pass me like a hazy blur. Maybe at some point my autopilot mode was switched on:P

Am looking forward to start another new chapter in a few months time. it better be good:P

down memory lane with p106…

our last few piccies in imu 🙂

4 girls, 1 guy and a camera..LOL

the tiny slope we complained of climbing everyday 😛


tipsy @ laundry

i dunno what they added into the long island tea. i prolly gulped it down to fast my head was so heavy and my heart was palpitating. yes. palpitating faster than dd2+dd3+pp2 put together in 1 day. thank god no cute guy was in close proximity. otherwise…otherwiseee…erm, well, lemme just skip that part la kay..:P

was a great night overall..funtastic way of marking the end our 2 1/2 years in bukit guys in abt 2 months time..enjoy home kao kao!!!huggiess!!

paradise beckons

28 Mar

it had been a flurry of activities since our last paper ended.

Met ah ming in TGIF then later adjourned to ajimal . Had my fav tomyam there..been craving for it since forever..we were entertained by his experiences studying in manipal. It was really an eye opener listening to his stories. I dont think i would’ve survived there for even a month. Now that he’s back i have extra lepak kaki liao..whoowee!! my ‘chimui’ is finally back:)

He ordered roti tissue and the funniest thing happened. All of us broke out into peals of laughter. I dun remember when was the last time i laughed that hard..:P

ming: boss, roti tissue satu

waiter: *nods*

a few minutes later, he brought a whole stack of tissues to our table. We were bewildered. We paused for a while before realising that he got ming’s order mixed up.

ming and i: abang, nak roti tissue bukan tissue. (we were already laughing our ass off)

waiter: ok ok..*grins*

few minutes later, another stack of tissues made their way to our table again..we were like..SWT..hahaaaa

the waiter was damn blur Ok..he had other waiters laughing and grinning away also. we had TWO stacks of tissues on our table before the arrival of the REAL roti tissue.LOL.this had never happened before..must be ming. This must be his most memorable mamak trip in sri petaling.keke

next 2 consecutive days, i went shopping. sales were everywhere. damage was done. regarding how much damage leh lets not go into that part la kay. at least it was emotionally therapeutic 😛

Perhentian day 1
We boarded the bus to Kuala Besut on Sunday night. Boy the journey was so scary cos the driver was driving at the speed of 120km/hr on those trunk roads heading to kelantan we couldnt sleep the whole night.

civilised wee kee 😛

Reached at about 5plus in the morning. we were all zonked..LOL..had to wait for the boat at 7am so chilled in this chinese kopitiam. We were surprised to find that the daughter of the shop ate crab and bread for breakfast. wth. talk about growing up with seafood all around you *jeles* ..the only time we get to eat seafood like this is during celebrations-bday, cny, anniversaries, post-exams, etc etc.

It was raining and the bus driver was asking us why we chose such time to berholiday in perhentian cos it had been raining for days. we were bummed.

hence, we tried to increase our karma by sparing a bug’s life in the kopitiam praying and hoping that it wouldnt rain for the next few days.*fingers crossed*

the jetty

The boat ride was crazy cos we were going against the waves. The sea was also turbulent after it rained the whole night. gosh. it was a crazy journey


land ahoy!!!

Snorkelling was at 2pm so had time to rest when we reached our resort. Arwana Perhentian resort looks as good as was portrayed in the brochures so we weren’t disappointed. The only setback was the beach area. It wasn’t as clear as we had anticipated. But oh well, we were sure there were more good things to come..not that we had the time to bermandi-manda at the beach also lar:P

some random flora around the place

while some were in dreamland, few of us explored the beach and played in the swimming pool. note i used the word ‘ played’ cos well, i can’t *cough* swim *cough*. malunyerrr..LOL
yennee tried painstakingly taught ahyi and i how to float but our heavy asses got in the way..LOL

while some were having fun in the pool,
few of us checked out the beach:)

‘ whoa, my bikini really looks good in piccies’, quipped yumpo 😛


went snorkelling later in the day. it was not bad..choked alot on sea water and water kept getting into our goggles..maybe cos we werent adjusted yet la..LOL.

poor yennee she had to babysit few of us throughout…paiseeehh..(*^_^*)

dinner was not bad..we girls were always earliest for our meals and one of the latest to leave..LOL..such gluttons we were..hehe

the girls

chilled at the beach later that night. the moment we mentioned how lucky we were cos it didnt rain, we were almost instantaneously drenched in rain. wth

the guys syok sendiri

ran back into our room when it poured. played mafia whole night. was chikek and fun. karen was the only killer that won.hehe. that basically summed up my first day in perhentian..:)

Day 2

We had another round of snorkelling in the deep sea.. the corals were just breathtaking. had fun feeding the fishes too..hehe.. thank god it stopped raining:)

thanks to those who contributed in propelling me in the sea..LOL..if not i would’ve ended in kuala terengganu or sth. the waves were just too strong:P

alvin and his flying stunt

pretending to be dead.posers..

our so-called formation..LOL

the others were jealous of alvin, so they wanted a flying pic as well..LOL
poor weekee had to jump quite a num of times before i got it right..this is the closest i could get..LOL

neemeng doing his thang

after that, we went to a nearby village aka town..they actually have a school there as well couple of shophouses. it was after school and we could see kids thronging the whole area..they werent even shy to start with..i think they mustve gotten used to tourists in that area:)

isnt it cool to be able run to the beach immediately after a long day in school?…and not just those capalang polluted beach..the scenery here is just breathtaking:) we even had pisang goreng and icecream and some other local delicacies..yummm:)..and it was right before lunch..haha

beware, sceneries overload!!:)

the jetty:)

crystal clear water

some random building near the school

weekee enjoying his pisang goreng

sucking hard on our icecreams..keke

pc and the sea

alvin and meiling:)

all of us:)

after lunch, we took a short nap at the beach before gearing up for jungle trekking. nth much to see along the way but when we emerged on the other side of the jungle, the scenery blew us away:) to bad we werent dressed up to camwhore..ishk..drenched in sweat we were and was clad in ugly society tshirts…eessshhh..regretnya

nap timee..wheee~~

yennee naik miang..LOL

all tired

but it was all worth it for this!!

soo beautifull

ultra mega crystal clear water

yumpo chilling

later that night, we had bbq for dinner. it was the best dinner by were tasty and the selections were aplenty:) we started eating before the guys came..they played football..its in their must-do is life..LOL

all these for 8 girls..and that was only the first round *winks*


was super bloated after the meal. went to the beach and chilled before adjourning to our rooms. we spent the whole night gossiping aka sharing our observations with others. it had been fun and enlightening..secrets were revealed, jokes were told, and opinions were shared..theres no way girls can ever get sick of doing this..:P but i was sure our karma was lowered cos the next morning it rained..:P

Day 3
It was our last day in the island. Wanted to kayak but it rained whole morning.sigh.and the souvenir shop was closed. the owner was on hols..wth..we tried our luck by asking (pestered) the receptionist to somehow get the keys and open the shop..anddd we did it!!..hehe..when desperation calls, we girls can go to the extremes:P

we needed to do sth to kill time marr..hehe

the guys were playing in the pool while we girls lounged in the reception area before gathering to leave.

our last few piccies while waiting for the boat,

trish and meiling


spot the odd one out *winks*

when we reached kuala besut, we had like 4 hours to kill before boarding the night bus. We were ACTUALLY waiting for the public bus so that we can get to the nearest KFC in about desperation. We waited and waited. no bus came. so we went to the nearest malay restaurant and chill. u can almost guess what i had liao..TOMYAM la..what was not bad though:) cukup spicy and sour..hehe

but nth beats ajimal’s tomyam in my opinion..hehe

some played pokers, some were listening to their ipods and some of us who were dead bored whipped out our cams and camwhored at the coastline..LOL

emo pic

then we proceeded to jumping piccies, with some locals staring at us thinking what these mad tourists were trying to do..LOL

sea sea here i come!!!

ballerina meiwen

chicken style (didnt know she can be so versatile)


kickass trish

and now, my FAV piccies of the day,
aren’t they SCHWEEETT???:)

time really flies when you’re having a good time eh. its been relaxing since all we do is eat and sleep and play with water and grow darker..hehe

now, back to reality… medical checkups, visa applications, briefings, hospital muchh to do!!

i miss perhentian already

a food fair like no other

28 Feb

call me bias, but i must say the food fair organised by my batch was one of the best by far ever held in imu *winks*

*thumbs up* to the food fair committee for doing such a splendid job 🙂

let the piccies speak for themselves 🙂

we sold coleslaw, soya pudding and hash brown.thanks jean for helping out 🙂
ps: it was great catching up with ya jean..cya in pg soon..hugss

it was great meeting you zeuven dear!!:)

greedy pig on rampage..hehe

apple crumble and swak laksa

the apple crumble and sarawak laksa crews 🙂

chloe, yieng, jiahui and huibee 🙂

caught red handed..lydia curi makan!!

yilyn the guinea pig of their mushroom soup

garlic toasts to go with their soup 🙂

we even had bubble milk tea.jacinta looks damn pro here 😛

choccolate fondue by the bpharmers 🙂

“eh, not enough pai tee fillings larr”, says silai chia hong

delicious pai tee 🙂

blueberry cheesetarts frm berry’s


we had sushis too 🙂

and herbals eggs

and satay celup imported all the way from melaka..:)

yumpo’s specialty…no wonder ulou was smitten..the way to a man’s heart is really his stomach uh 😛

mari kita tangkap ikan

my fish..more like ikan bilis..that also i had to *cough* *cheat* *cough* to catch it

henna artists at work 🙂

shinhun the nightingale of imu

and not forgetting the all pharmacy rejects that injected life into the event 🙂

suvyen, jean, moi and teased by yieng after this shot..blueks

we even had our very own version of Deal or no Deal…cool leh!!

pc insisted on being the only guy here..damn miang

then it was our turn with the ‘revlon’ girls 😛

nth to do..camwhore lorrr

look at the wad of cash in debbie’s hand

coincidence or not??? *winks*

vco the lamest joker in class 😛

my lenglui mentee and i 🙂

jam packed 🙂

even before the food fair ended, i was already on the north-south highway heading home for study break..i kinda disappeared according to some..LOL

well, studying in vista is just too depressing..:P

here are some random piccies i took along the highway..wanted to fill up my memory card..hehe

have an ‘ENJOYABLE’ study break everyone!!

study hard!!


the joys of CNY

7 Feb

been waking up at 7am everyday since i got back home. wth its been ages since i actually heard the roosters crow in the morning. followed mum to the pasar pagi to get cny stuffs. boy its neverending. and ive never seen such old ganas aunties before. i was practically shoved and pushed aside by those ganas aunties who wanted to get their hands on the freshest and biggest and cheapest. since i was just my mum’s mobile ‘trolley’ i gave way and stood aside to prevent from being slammed into a crate of veges.

did a couple of last minute shopping with my sis also. everything has to be new mar.

from undies to slippers. all new 🙂

must be donned in new pieces from top to bottom.

according to shianyi, if u do that u will have abundance of clothes to wear the whole year round. didnt know that. its normally an excuse to get more stuffs nia 😛

i was in charge of the tomyam steamboat this year. tomyam ala mamak.
garnered lotsa compliments from family members. *super proud* pak amir will see me again.real soon :p

when it was still in the kuali

big fat prawns..yummmm

juicy scallops

and some of the other balls:P

played fireworks with my siblings later that night. not before my sis almost murdered me with one of those fireworks that shoots up high in the sky when she accidentally dropped it on the ground. so it was shooting horizontally at all directions. it was scary. but all of us emerged unscathed. we even had a good laugh after that.LOL

embracing the inner kid in me 😛

camwhored a lil with family on the first day.hehe

i love these people 🙂

cny would not be complete without gambling aight…coupled with cny junks..the combination is just too addictive.haha

my royal flush:P

it was also good meeting up with people ive not seen in ages 🙂 ‘ah ma’ dearest. safe journey back to melb

2 guys, 5 girls and a coffee place

the battle of the ‘mulut besars’

in denial 😛

and playing with my lil cuzzies in maternal grandparents’ place. i mean really LITTLE..:P
not forgetting catching up with my paternal least i dont feel so old with them.LOL..cos im not the eldest here..whee~~

extra roundness after 2 days of excessive makan 😛

another reunion dinner

bad angle..LOL

our ‘waiter’ for the night with his other half 🙂

meiyoong jie and i

some of the orang tuas 😛

the best part??

what else…haha