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adios sem 7

16 Dec

DDS class test earlier marked the end of this semester. It whizzed by so fast little did i know that it came to an end already. Christmas is in less than 2 weeks and SALES banner were erected in every shop i saw. WTH.

I better hibernate in my room. Going out is extremely dangerous for me. Financially.Sigh

Earlier we went to Loon Fung, to chill, celebrate bigboyKEN‘s birthday and sang our hearts out cos we managed to book ourselves a room. Boy it was fun! We must do this more often.:) I miss RedBox so so much:)

Piccies time:)


Make a wish ! ‘hope the guys will pay for my meal tonight’

it came true anyways:P


blow away!

img_4629ways to make ur chin appear sharper. rule no 1. suck in ur neck:P



another nondoublechin pic to compensate for the first one:P

while some were singing. in tune pun ada off tune pun ada:p


she had a good time


entertained by his antics:P


some jaychou moments


some were singing away..

img_4929while gobi doesnt understand a single word they were singing


He took over. and boy what a commotion he caused


she was super geli hati. gobi now u know who laughed the hardest:P


sweating after a duet with karen. so chikek meh:P

img_51952i was forced to do a mary had a little lamb rendition:(


img_4992some GAY-ish moments


some gossiped away


these 2 were constantly eating:P



the couples

img_4913the girlsss:)

A funfilled night it was. Food + company+ deafeningofftunemusic was good:P

Left at 3plus am.

Hope Ken had a good time. HapPy 21st again!!:)

renu turns 2*COUGH*3

30 Jun

so yea, my other homies and i baked our first cake when renu had her pp3 session.

words of advice?
PLS pLS do not ever attempt baking cake using ur microwave even though the recipe says so.LOL. it turned out like mocha kuih melayu. tastewise not bad but presentationwise its kinda pathetic. Looked like a lump of some honeycomb brown kuih melayu.

so hmm, we googled and found another recipe for simple mocha cake. but stupid stupid me forgot to check the num of servings and hence did not double the ingredients. the outcome? it turned out to be a super flat lopsided simple mocha cake.LOL

well, thats not the *ahem* worse part. In our attempt to ‘decorate’ the cake with choc glaze and strawberries, the strawberries just wouldnt stay put and kept sliding off the choc layer. so what we did was remove them one by one and dry them with kitchen towel before plopping them back on the cake.LOL. ok. so far no reported cases of diorrhea so i guess we passed the sterility test:P

aerial view of the cake. no cross sections please:P

went to Counting House the following day. bday=celebration=good food:P

i LOVE my mint lamb burger

that came with white zinfandel rose. oo la la~~

yennee me and bday girl

luiyan kena geletek:P

semua orang:)

hope u had a great time ah nu..MUAKKSSSS!!

victoria park

22 Jun

one thing i hate about glasgow: the erratic downpour. ive walked under the rain for 4 consecutive days. that explaines why my flu never get better:(

rain rain go away:(. yea i know u cant see the raindrops. but theyre there. and also i wana show off flo’s photography skills:P

what explains my love for this place: shopping and beautiful parks:)

victoria park was one beautiful park we went to earlier today led my prof jim wilson. it was situated near the jordan hill campus.

see flo was so excitedly cute:P

We were trying very hard to catch up with him as we had to camwhore along the way and the rain definitely did not do us any help.:(

went into the Fossil Grove and was kinda disappointed. Prolly we expected more cos he was raving about how we should rush to the place before it closes. if u want to know more about the place just click here

flo and i bought the same 3 pounds umbrella from Primark. love it to bits. its very handy as it protects us from the rain, wind and serves as a very handy prop to camwhore:P

we accompanied karen to buchanan st earlier so that she can get her handbag. much earlier. even before the shops were open:P

can i teleport myself in there somehow?:P

then we got dumped when she decided to continue shopping. ate fish and chips for lunch before leaving for the train station.

look at the size of that thing!

then off we go!! altho i secretly wish it would continue raining so that i can spend longer time window shopping.LOL.

my homies and i

some of us

us again:P

prof jim wilson
i have better camwhore skills than jase

love the trees:)

loving the flowers

and the lake:)

dengan yieng yang molek:)

then we decided to embrace the inner child in us:P

we climbed

but the kiasu guys climbed higher:P

a lesbo moment:P
so long, farewell

a mandatory jumping pic:P

been a long day. tired but have to prepare for pp3 tmr. its gonna be another long week:(

god bless me

i love summer sales!!

21 Jun

This is just the beginning i know. But the need to buy everything is so intense. Cant blame us for not being able to squeeze much stuffs in our luggage with the meagre 20kgs that was alloted. maybe it was a blessing in disguise.LOL.

thank god we’re going to Victoria’s Park tmr. all we need to spend is just 2pounds for the underground. i hope. *fingers crossed*

everything my homies and i managed to grab from the stores these 2 days:P

girls will be girls:P rain or shine. nth can stop us:P

of shopping and my very ‘happening’ friday

20 Jun

i couldn’t sit still in class. after listening to god-knows-what-not-sterility-microbs-testing-bla-bla for 4 hours i just couldnt take it anymore. it was terribly agonizing. especially after some of my VERY KIASU classmates left the class to check out the summer sales in zara and along buchanan st. i left the class 1 hour before the class ended. i was immersed in guilt. but it was greatly reduced after bumping into some of my classmates on my way out.LOL

Yihui joined me 2 mins after i we went to the city center. just few mins walk away. not exactly financially healthy if ur uni is in the heart of the city:P

the sales in zara was a frenzy. we bought jackets and some other stuffs la. total damage?lets not mention-LAH:P

we were joined by other frens who came after class ended. so basically i could see my batchmates at every corner of the street.LOL.

we then had our dinner in oneils. wanted to try the 3.50pounds set that my homie raved about. soon after groups of familiar faces came in. jbc’s inhabitants conquered the whole place. we were all so noisy it was a miracle they didnt kick us out of the restaurant.LOL

and oh yea, if you noticed my hair was curled. was exiting debenhams when this promoter for some very famous hairstylist’s curling thong persuaded me to give it a try. tried one lock. it was ridiculously short. so i asked him to straighten it back. shoot. the lock was so stubborn. hence he had to do my whole head:P. was so paiseh many random strangers stopped and looked:P i wouldve bought it if its 16pounds and not 60 friggin pounds. it curls in like 3-5 secs and the curls actually stayed despite the strong winds that had been threatening to rip my head of my neck:P sumore need no chemical and any styling product. i wan i wan!!

hung jen’s chicken crockpot

my cheeseburger

ahyi’s and yihui’s salmon skewer. do not be deceived by its lack of presentation. its yumz

our bags:P

we were all excited cos its friday today. awesome! its been a LONG week with neverending lectures and long labs. but then we realised what are we gonna do?shops here closes at 5++pm. we hence quickly made our way to do grocery shopping. better than nth right. like aunties i know:P

on our way back, when we thought the night couldnt get any more boring, we saw a parade rehearsing for some international jazz festival in glasgow. it was all so colourful. i realised Glaswegians have a penchant for colourful parades:P

to celebrate our very boring fri night, ahyi and i whipped up tortilla chips dipped with salsa sauce and cheese. oo la la~~

very wuliao i know. should come up with something more creative besides eating>:P

more sightseeing and shopping

14 Jun
the famous fish and bell symbol of glasgow

perempuans yang vain

a very talented artist on our way to Buchanan st

some sceneries along the way

‘i have colourful pubic hair’, quipped Flo

warm and fuzzy

the sky got darker

some cute kids who were prolly excited to see a herd of asians walking pass:P

see, we were so jakun we even love camwhoring on semak samun

the canal that was used to transport goods eons ago

we then made our way to the church. Had our first real Scottish meal there. Haggis was friggin good. and the scones and the desserts too. And it is true that Scottish ppl are famous for their friendliness. Everywhere you go u get random strangers smiling and greeting you. So far i really like it here. Love the weather, love shopping and love the ppl here. Still gotta adjust to their thick accent though. I hope summer lasts whole year round:P Im definitely gonna dread winter:(

yummy scones

after the welcoming get together, we adjourned to Buchanan st. still need to shop for lots of things. super mempokaikan. spent alot in See Woo earlier, some chinese specialist shop. the place was damn big. It was insane. there were so much choices. it felt like home all over again:)

stumbled across chinatown on our way there. damn small.

bought some jellybeans here.

had saberni donner in some kebab outlet with ahyi. it was 5.50pounds.shared with ahyi. this is friggin good.hehe. satisfying dinner:)

ah, and before i forget. here are some piccies on my puny room here. Notice the V shaped indentation in the middle of the shelves? My wardrobe used to be there. I kept walking into the cupboard hence when i couldnt take it anymore i removed all the screws and moved the whole thing next to my bed. Now it looked more spacious. can even fit peilian’s long legs:P

love my bed:)

my impossibly puny wardrobe:(

my table

dressing table

my room feels very empty. need to shop sumore:P Cant wait for summer sales next week!!!