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which part of cameron highland attracts you most?

2 May

Seniors went to keukenhof garden in amsterdam and i was so jeles. Cos the tulips were damn beauuutifffuull..

Now i have a fair share of flower piccies to show off..No tulips, but better than nth..bluekss

Aunt and uncle drove there.i thought it was gonna be a boring trip.what can you do besides all the sightseeing with other ahpo tourists and groups of screaming kids on a school tour?(i was one of them before..10years back..teehee)

The trip was surprisingly fulfilling. everything there is so pretty and HUGE. They even have purple chillies. wth..and huge turnips

omg, i sounded like my grandparents who went there recently..why am i getting so excited over fruits and veges?…LOL

perhaps its a sign, that im already embracing my *cough*maturity*cough* haha

so, what is the reason tonnes of peeps throng cameron almost everyday?

is it the pretty flora u get see but no way u can bring them home them unless u build an indoor garden with aircon?

Or few intriguing species that catches your attention?

is it cos of the abundance of strawberries all over, edible and non-edible ones?

Or the massive tea plantation?

To me,my cheeky cuzzie was the xfactor that brought lots of laughter to the whole trip..LOL..our dearest chicken little..see how he has grown..sudah besar panjang (besar dan panjang:P)

He was so excited over the tea leaves he plucked and insisted that it smelled like tea..wth
He shoved the whole thing under my nose and asked me if it smelled nice..i thought it smelled like..well..leaves?

yes, i like flowers and veges and fruits and kids. im not in denial.u can call me aunty:P

paradise beckons

28 Mar

it had been a flurry of activities since our last paper ended.

Met ah ming in TGIF then later adjourned to ajimal . Had my fav tomyam there..been craving for it since forever..we were entertained by his experiences studying in manipal. It was really an eye opener listening to his stories. I dont think i would’ve survived there for even a month. Now that he’s back i have extra lepak kaki liao..whoowee!! my ‘chimui’ is finally back:)

He ordered roti tissue and the funniest thing happened. All of us broke out into peals of laughter. I dun remember when was the last time i laughed that hard..:P

ming: boss, roti tissue satu

waiter: *nods*

a few minutes later, he brought a whole stack of tissues to our table. We were bewildered. We paused for a while before realising that he got ming’s order mixed up.

ming and i: abang, nak roti tissue bukan tissue. (we were already laughing our ass off)

waiter: ok ok..*grins*

few minutes later, another stack of tissues made their way to our table again..we were like..SWT..hahaaaa

the waiter was damn blur Ok..he had other waiters laughing and grinning away also. we had TWO stacks of tissues on our table before the arrival of the REAL roti tissue.LOL.this had never happened before..must be ming. This must be his most memorable mamak trip in sri petaling.keke

next 2 consecutive days, i went shopping. sales were everywhere. damage was done. regarding how much damage leh lets not go into that part la kay. at least it was emotionally therapeutic 😛

Perhentian day 1
We boarded the bus to Kuala Besut on Sunday night. Boy the journey was so scary cos the driver was driving at the speed of 120km/hr on those trunk roads heading to kelantan we couldnt sleep the whole night.

civilised wee kee 😛

Reached at about 5plus in the morning. we were all zonked..LOL..had to wait for the boat at 7am so chilled in this chinese kopitiam. We were surprised to find that the daughter of the shop ate crab and bread for breakfast. wth. talk about growing up with seafood all around you *jeles* ..the only time we get to eat seafood like this is during celebrations-bday, cny, anniversaries, post-exams, etc etc.

It was raining and the bus driver was asking us why we chose such time to berholiday in perhentian cos it had been raining for days. we were bummed.

hence, we tried to increase our karma by sparing a bug’s life in the kopitiam praying and hoping that it wouldnt rain for the next few days.*fingers crossed*

the jetty

The boat ride was crazy cos we were going against the waves. The sea was also turbulent after it rained the whole night. gosh. it was a crazy journey


land ahoy!!!

Snorkelling was at 2pm so had time to rest when we reached our resort. Arwana Perhentian resort looks as good as was portrayed in the brochures so we weren’t disappointed. The only setback was the beach area. It wasn’t as clear as we had anticipated. But oh well, we were sure there were more good things to come..not that we had the time to bermandi-manda at the beach also lar:P

some random flora around the place

while some were in dreamland, few of us explored the beach and played in the swimming pool. note i used the word ‘ played’ cos well, i can’t *cough* swim *cough*. malunyerrr..LOL
yennee tried painstakingly taught ahyi and i how to float but our heavy asses got in the way..LOL

while some were having fun in the pool,
few of us checked out the beach:)

‘ whoa, my bikini really looks good in piccies’, quipped yumpo 😛


went snorkelling later in the day. it was not bad..choked alot on sea water and water kept getting into our goggles..maybe cos we werent adjusted yet la..LOL.

poor yennee she had to babysit few of us throughout…paiseeehh..(*^_^*)

dinner was not bad..we girls were always earliest for our meals and one of the latest to leave..LOL..such gluttons we were..hehe

the girls

chilled at the beach later that night. the moment we mentioned how lucky we were cos it didnt rain, we were almost instantaneously drenched in rain. wth

the guys syok sendiri

ran back into our room when it poured. played mafia whole night. was chikek and fun. karen was the only killer that won.hehe. that basically summed up my first day in perhentian..:)

Day 2

We had another round of snorkelling in the deep sea.. the corals were just breathtaking. had fun feeding the fishes too..hehe.. thank god it stopped raining:)

thanks to those who contributed in propelling me in the sea..LOL..if not i would’ve ended in kuala terengganu or sth. the waves were just too strong:P

alvin and his flying stunt

pretending to be dead.posers..

our so-called formation..LOL

the others were jealous of alvin, so they wanted a flying pic as well..LOL
poor weekee had to jump quite a num of times before i got it right..this is the closest i could get..LOL

neemeng doing his thang

after that, we went to a nearby village aka town..they actually have a school there as well couple of shophouses. it was after school and we could see kids thronging the whole area..they werent even shy to start with..i think they mustve gotten used to tourists in that area:)

isnt it cool to be able run to the beach immediately after a long day in school?…and not just those capalang polluted beach..the scenery here is just breathtaking:) we even had pisang goreng and icecream and some other local delicacies..yummm:)..and it was right before lunch..haha

beware, sceneries overload!!:)

the jetty:)

crystal clear water

some random building near the school

weekee enjoying his pisang goreng

sucking hard on our icecreams..keke

pc and the sea

alvin and meiling:)

all of us:)

after lunch, we took a short nap at the beach before gearing up for jungle trekking. nth much to see along the way but when we emerged on the other side of the jungle, the scenery blew us away:) to bad we werent dressed up to camwhore..ishk..drenched in sweat we were and was clad in ugly society tshirts…eessshhh..regretnya

nap timee..wheee~~

yennee naik miang..LOL

all tired

but it was all worth it for this!!

soo beautifull

ultra mega crystal clear water

yumpo chilling

later that night, we had bbq for dinner. it was the best dinner by were tasty and the selections were aplenty:) we started eating before the guys came..they played football..its in their must-do is life..LOL

all these for 8 girls..and that was only the first round *winks*


was super bloated after the meal. went to the beach and chilled before adjourning to our rooms. we spent the whole night gossiping aka sharing our observations with others. it had been fun and enlightening..secrets were revealed, jokes were told, and opinions were shared..theres no way girls can ever get sick of doing this..:P but i was sure our karma was lowered cos the next morning it rained..:P

Day 3
It was our last day in the island. Wanted to kayak but it rained whole morning.sigh.and the souvenir shop was closed. the owner was on hols..wth..we tried our luck by asking (pestered) the receptionist to somehow get the keys and open the shop..anddd we did it!!..hehe..when desperation calls, we girls can go to the extremes:P

we needed to do sth to kill time marr..hehe

the guys were playing in the pool while we girls lounged in the reception area before gathering to leave.

our last few piccies while waiting for the boat,

trish and meiling


spot the odd one out *winks*

when we reached kuala besut, we had like 4 hours to kill before boarding the night bus. We were ACTUALLY waiting for the public bus so that we can get to the nearest KFC in about desperation. We waited and waited. no bus came. so we went to the nearest malay restaurant and chill. u can almost guess what i had liao..TOMYAM la..what was not bad though:) cukup spicy and sour..hehe

but nth beats ajimal’s tomyam in my opinion..hehe

some played pokers, some were listening to their ipods and some of us who were dead bored whipped out our cams and camwhored at the coastline..LOL

emo pic

then we proceeded to jumping piccies, with some locals staring at us thinking what these mad tourists were trying to do..LOL

sea sea here i come!!!

ballerina meiwen

chicken style (didnt know she can be so versatile)


kickass trish

and now, my FAV piccies of the day,
aren’t they SCHWEEETT???:)

time really flies when you’re having a good time eh. its been relaxing since all we do is eat and sleep and play with water and grow darker..hehe

now, back to reality… medical checkups, visa applications, briefings, hospital muchh to do!!

i miss perhentian already