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12 Dec

one of the little things that made studying much more colorful…..


argh i cant wait for next monday!!

eating fest @ Manchester

4 Dec

5 girls, 3 1/2 days, a city, and 5 spilling waistlines.

Yes we ate. And shopped. I love the break from doing sightseeing during trips. Say no to cathedrals and museums!!

our gastrointestinal + couple of shop*cough*shopping journey….

Indian cuisine in Ashoka to celebrate PeiLian’s coursemate’s bday.


my chicken makhani


some random condiments

img_1734papadoms..whoo wee~~~

img_1748ahyi’s lamb moghlai

img_1756peilian made lemon meringue. wheres my cakee!!

img_1742some other curries

Peilian’s fren Abdullah invited everybody to chill in his one room apartment. wth that guy has more shoes than my hse and neighbours combined.


yumpo yang YUM


He was inspired by her:P

After that we hit the pub in Hilton. The place overlooked whole of manchester. Think Luna Bar. A covered version:P

We were prolly the most covered up ppl in the whole place wth. We left class and headed for Manc and never changed ever since. EWwwwwwwww…





ahyi’s kiwi cocktail




whats left of my shakermaker



ahnee tengok jantan


yumpo seems to fancy her rose wine alot



yau char kuey wrapped with cheong fun


chee cheong fun. yumms



loh mai kai…oo la la



fried squid. our faVVV



we couldnt get enough of this place




he was so cute and flirtatious we wanted to eat him up


oh. pic of the day according to peilian. cos she took this. bleah:P

then it was time for shopping. img_2054

she truly gets orgasmic when it comes to shopping


her new fetish for spots?


Manchester Eye. FUllstop. this thing is everywhere ive never even been to the one in msia wth.

Dinner timeee…whee~~



my succulent lemongrass mussels.oo lala






i super heart their gaily decorated tiang lampu.

we had supper in taeWu as well. aiyah what to do flora highness in town also sure must makan together mar right:P


look whois hungry too. escapees frm walt disneys fantasy.



img_2261 was so good omg


we were so kamtong when we saw green leafy veges


seafood udon.


the roast duck was mindblowing. abit salty though. but i like:P i dunno if its the deprivation that made the dish uber good or it IS really that good:P


oyster omelette. cant beat penang’s:P


sweet sour chicken:)

and not forgetting, a trip to manc would not be complete without a  trip to theatre of dreams. Hate the tourguide. we were practically shooed from one room to another. Hello. not like we’re catching a train or sth. He was in such a hurry we were locked in an abandoned hallway at one point..ppfftt




hmm too big for her


thats my scarfff


i hate her height.bleah. but love her. and her room.

this is only half of her room wth why life is so unfair hmmpph:P

roomchaboo thanks for accommodating us and i hope we didnt scare u too much with the amount we can eat:P

soree cant upload all the food pics i think too much my mozilla hang couple of times liao.:P

I cant wait to go back again. argh. for the time being berpuasa dulu.:)

i love summer sales!!

21 Jun

This is just the beginning i know. But the need to buy everything is so intense. Cant blame us for not being able to squeeze much stuffs in our luggage with the meagre 20kgs that was alloted. maybe it was a blessing in disguise.LOL.

thank god we’re going to Victoria’s Park tmr. all we need to spend is just 2pounds for the underground. i hope. *fingers crossed*

everything my homies and i managed to grab from the stores these 2 days:P

girls will be girls:P rain or shine. nth can stop us:P

of shopping and my very ‘happening’ friday

20 Jun

i couldn’t sit still in class. after listening to god-knows-what-not-sterility-microbs-testing-bla-bla for 4 hours i just couldnt take it anymore. it was terribly agonizing. especially after some of my VERY KIASU classmates left the class to check out the summer sales in zara and along buchanan st. i left the class 1 hour before the class ended. i was immersed in guilt. but it was greatly reduced after bumping into some of my classmates on my way out.LOL

Yihui joined me 2 mins after i we went to the city center. just few mins walk away. not exactly financially healthy if ur uni is in the heart of the city:P

the sales in zara was a frenzy. we bought jackets and some other stuffs la. total damage?lets not mention-LAH:P

we were joined by other frens who came after class ended. so basically i could see my batchmates at every corner of the street.LOL.

we then had our dinner in oneils. wanted to try the 3.50pounds set that my homie raved about. soon after groups of familiar faces came in. jbc’s inhabitants conquered the whole place. we were all so noisy it was a miracle they didnt kick us out of the restaurant.LOL

and oh yea, if you noticed my hair was curled. was exiting debenhams when this promoter for some very famous hairstylist’s curling thong persuaded me to give it a try. tried one lock. it was ridiculously short. so i asked him to straighten it back. shoot. the lock was so stubborn. hence he had to do my whole head:P. was so paiseh many random strangers stopped and looked:P i wouldve bought it if its 16pounds and not 60 friggin pounds. it curls in like 3-5 secs and the curls actually stayed despite the strong winds that had been threatening to rip my head of my neck:P sumore need no chemical and any styling product. i wan i wan!!

hung jen’s chicken crockpot

my cheeseburger

ahyi’s and yihui’s salmon skewer. do not be deceived by its lack of presentation. its yumz

our bags:P

we were all excited cos its friday today. awesome! its been a LONG week with neverending lectures and long labs. but then we realised what are we gonna do?shops here closes at 5++pm. we hence quickly made our way to do grocery shopping. better than nth right. like aunties i know:P

on our way back, when we thought the night couldnt get any more boring, we saw a parade rehearsing for some international jazz festival in glasgow. it was all so colourful. i realised Glaswegians have a penchant for colourful parades:P

to celebrate our very boring fri night, ahyi and i whipped up tortilla chips dipped with salsa sauce and cheese. oo la la~~

very wuliao i know. should come up with something more creative besides eating>:P

more sightseeing and shopping

14 Jun
the famous fish and bell symbol of glasgow

perempuans yang vain

a very talented artist on our way to Buchanan st

some sceneries along the way

‘i have colourful pubic hair’, quipped Flo

warm and fuzzy

the sky got darker

some cute kids who were prolly excited to see a herd of asians walking pass:P

see, we were so jakun we even love camwhoring on semak samun

the canal that was used to transport goods eons ago

we then made our way to the church. Had our first real Scottish meal there. Haggis was friggin good. and the scones and the desserts too. And it is true that Scottish ppl are famous for their friendliness. Everywhere you go u get random strangers smiling and greeting you. So far i really like it here. Love the weather, love shopping and love the ppl here. Still gotta adjust to their thick accent though. I hope summer lasts whole year round:P Im definitely gonna dread winter:(

yummy scones

after the welcoming get together, we adjourned to Buchanan st. still need to shop for lots of things. super mempokaikan. spent alot in See Woo earlier, some chinese specialist shop. the place was damn big. It was insane. there were so much choices. it felt like home all over again:)

stumbled across chinatown on our way there. damn small.

bought some jellybeans here.

had saberni donner in some kebab outlet with ahyi. it was 5.50pounds.shared with ahyi. this is friggin good.hehe. satisfying dinner:)

ah, and before i forget. here are some piccies on my puny room here. Notice the V shaped indentation in the middle of the shelves? My wardrobe used to be there. I kept walking into the cupboard hence when i couldnt take it anymore i removed all the screws and moved the whole thing next to my bed. Now it looked more spacious. can even fit peilian’s long legs:P

love my bed:)

my impossibly puny wardrobe:(

my table

dressing table

my room feels very empty. need to shop sumore:P Cant wait for summer sales next week!!!

see no evil, eat no evil, buy no evil

2 Jun

Been eating and lepaking like theres no tomorrow.

beware !!
long and random bits ahead

Watched Narnia and i thought it was just Ok..not mindblowing..but soso cute boys to drool well, it was good enough for me:P

Indiana Jones on the other hand was good from the beginning (*hearts* shia le bouf) but the ending was a bit potong stim..haha..extraterresterial?? they gotta be kidding..LOL

btw, the newly opened noodle station in sunway carnival was surprisingly good. Went there for dinner with my siblings before our movie:) Prices were reasonable and most of the dishes ive tried were yummy. And the tomyam is wicked:) i never thought i’ll ever eat any dish with evaporated milk in it. esp after my food poisoning incident in kuchai lama..hehe. but the tomyam is a must try:)

my honey bbq drumstick with springy noodles:)

i have a fetish for coloured drinks:P

my bro’s noodles that tasted like wantan mee:P

this pic doesnt do the thai fried noodles any justice. it tastes better than it looks;)

our tom YUMMmmmmm

Also, i saw my last sunset for the year in batu ferringhi with mich and bel. It was a race against time..We could see the sun already setting and were still far away frm the beach. Cos we lost track of time shopping in Gurney..hehe.We sped and this is what we got from whatever thats left of it:P

some locals enjoying the waves

then it got darker

to kill time, and to make full use of the almost empty memory card, we decided to do a lil bollywood before it gets too dark:P Not pro i know but this will suffice:)

golden sands we didnt stay here. just ‘walked’ thru:P

Highlight of the day was pirated dvd hunting which left me rm64 poorer. but worth it nevertheless:). One disc is rm4 and if u purchase more than 10disc u get one free. Im missing that place already:)

Another thing worth mentioning was the Malay laksa my aunt had been raving about. Its in Pulau Jerejak Resort and Spa. Not the island itself. Just the jetty area:) It was not bad surprisingly. last time i had one was during highschool. and i didnt like it.hehe.But my heart stays with assam laksa:)

can u see the pg bridge?

zoomed..3.8x nia..haha

the jetty

Also, i met up with the PMCians in hongkie kopitiam, autocity the other night. Thought of catching dj Goldfish as well but to no avail. By the time we were done catching up and gossiping it was already late. It was great meeting up with Jason, Jean, Chris, Peihwa and Alan. Spent most of the time laughing. Esp when Chris painstakingly defended his hometown Bintulu. again. We even laughed at how they name their dishes.. Thats prolly the only thing that makes hongkie kopitiam different from wongkok char chan teng and kim gary:)

my tai chi pork ribs

gotta love the interior:)

the girls

all of us:)

Did SOME shopping also despite the very limited weight i can bring over. But essentials ma..what do to.blueks

yes, i love blings on my jeans:P

loving my new sunnies. its darker than it looks

went to queensbay with mum and sis yday..again.haha

i *heart* la senza sales. spend rm150 and above u get a free 2ml of Lancome Virtouse Mascara. i got 2 tubes. Plus get to apply for membership card and then got more discounts cos get to use the vouchers instantly..whee~~

bras, undies and baju tidur(s)

after shopping, had dinner in Siam Express. Ordered the set for 2 and topped up with another dish of Pandan Leaves Chicken. The tomyam was damn good i tell u. super sour and tasty. The green curry was delicious too. The pandan chicken was marinated and grilled/fried to perfection. My fav was of cos undoubtedly the tomyam. mum loves the green curry best..hehe

kangkung belacan

pandan chicken

some fried dumplings..this is just so so i think

this was green i swear:P its the lighting

orgasmic tomyam

our water chesnut dessert

that basically (ALMOST) sums up what ive been up to last 1 weekplus.

Going to makan dinner in Chicago Rib House later. Been hearing some good reviews about the place from a few friends. it better be good.ADIOS!!

of hospital attachments and vacationing

20 Apr

Had our 2nd hospital attachment in klang HTAR last week.

We were all set this time. Oil blotters, sweets and candies were prepared in case we pengsan. We dreaded it in the beginning. The wards were hot and stuffy and very congested. And the number of good cases were very limited. Dengue fever cases were on the rage but we were not encouraged to clerk these cases.

i seriously think i need to take up Tamil or sth as my second dialect especially when it comes to communicating with Indian patients. Either they refused to speak in BM or they just cant.

i asked one of my Indian patient, ” Sudah berapa lama kencing manis?”
she answered, ” saya tak tau cakap melayu”…WTF

*5 mins of akward silence ensued*

First two days were dreadful cos the number of good cases were limited. We had a hard time meeting our target. But after that it was more relaxing. Cos all we had to do was to follow up the patients. It feels good when u see patients getting discharged. That also means we can close our case..Its a win win situation:P

I honestly think that the whole week of my attachment somehow compensated for all the long hours of lectures and theory approaches we had been doing for the past 5 semesters. We should have done this earlier. No point memorising a list of drugs and regurgitate them for exams only to forget everything right after every paper. It is ALWAYS effective if u can apply your knowledge. Well anyway, better be late than never right.hehe

It had been fun ogling at cute docs and pharmacists as well as dealing with few sarcastic nurses who seems to think we’re in their way most of the time..BLAME doc’s illegible handwritings larrr..esssh.. Miss chrissy had been brilliant in guiding us throughout the week. Shes very knowledgeable and helpful. Shes like our walking BNF..LOL..lunch with her on friday was super fun..listening to her stories when she was in scotland and all. We didnt feel like shes very much older than us. She is one lecturer we’re gonna miss despite only knowing her for a short period of time.

brace yourself for unprofessional shots ahead LOL

its finally over!!! for the time being..haha


pelajar-pelajar group B and ms chrissy

poor jase he had to play host throughout the whole week. i think this is the ONLY time he actually felt stressed cos he didn’t know where to bring us during dinner. plus hes a klang-banana ..haha

the verdict after one week?
he passed with flying are some proofs to do him some justice..keke
Kesian him cos he had to endure so much of chinese food in a week:P

2nd night (first night was pretty lame..Had penang food in Jusco klang..LOL)

some chicken dish

some thai honey beancurd

BEST steamed egg ive ever eaten!!

sweet sour pork

3rd night..yooHHOOo..seaphood seaphood here we comee!!

lala bihun..can u spot any lala???

some vege

kungpo bamboo seashells or so they call it

butter prawn

salted egg crab..MMmMMmmmMm
ikan pari bakar

optical illusion

actual size..we call these lil darlings pop-squid, the squid version of popcorns:P

my FAV tomyam of all times…it was super good:P

look at the size of those prawns!!

everything only came up to a grand total of rm188. for seven..damn cheap and damn nice!!

thanks to jase’s dad for belanjaing us. it was indeed a superb meal:)

the following morning, we had bak kut teh for breakkie..must eat klang bakkuteh mar..since we were there liao..

the downside?
had to drag our asses up 6plus in the morning cos we had to start work at 8.30..

somebody pls gimme some statins…my cholesterol level is definitely sky high now..keke

Dinner that night was good too..assam fish and salad prawn was superb..but no piccies cos theyre with yenli..hehe

watched Definitely, Maybe in jusco later that night. Guys should take some pointers from will hayes. hes uber cute:P

it was definitely a fulfilling week. at least all our missions were accomplished. ate everything there is to week must berpuasa liao..

oh, and before i forget, id like to share with u jase’s aunt’s massive collection of pretty teapots…ive never seen so many teapots in a house before..

went shopping last weekend right after attachment. bought 2 jackets..(bleeding cash..sobs sobs)..will upload a piccie on it after i get my cam bac..whee~~

kays, back to my presentation..wish me luck!!:)