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see no evil, eat no evil, buy no evil

2 Jun

Been eating and lepaking like theres no tomorrow.

beware !!
long and random bits ahead

Watched Narnia and i thought it was just Ok..not mindblowing..but soso cute boys to drool well, it was good enough for me:P

Indiana Jones on the other hand was good from the beginning (*hearts* shia le bouf) but the ending was a bit potong stim..haha..extraterresterial?? they gotta be kidding..LOL

btw, the newly opened noodle station in sunway carnival was surprisingly good. Went there for dinner with my siblings before our movie:) Prices were reasonable and most of the dishes ive tried were yummy. And the tomyam is wicked:) i never thought i’ll ever eat any dish with evaporated milk in it. esp after my food poisoning incident in kuchai lama..hehe. but the tomyam is a must try:)

my honey bbq drumstick with springy noodles:)

i have a fetish for coloured drinks:P

my bro’s noodles that tasted like wantan mee:P

this pic doesnt do the thai fried noodles any justice. it tastes better than it looks;)

our tom YUMMmmmmm

Also, i saw my last sunset for the year in batu ferringhi with mich and bel. It was a race against time..We could see the sun already setting and were still far away frm the beach. Cos we lost track of time shopping in Gurney..hehe.We sped and this is what we got from whatever thats left of it:P

some locals enjoying the waves

then it got darker

to kill time, and to make full use of the almost empty memory card, we decided to do a lil bollywood before it gets too dark:P Not pro i know but this will suffice:)

golden sands we didnt stay here. just ‘walked’ thru:P

Highlight of the day was pirated dvd hunting which left me rm64 poorer. but worth it nevertheless:). One disc is rm4 and if u purchase more than 10disc u get one free. Im missing that place already:)

Another thing worth mentioning was the Malay laksa my aunt had been raving about. Its in Pulau Jerejak Resort and Spa. Not the island itself. Just the jetty area:) It was not bad surprisingly. last time i had one was during highschool. and i didnt like it.hehe.But my heart stays with assam laksa:)

can u see the pg bridge?

zoomed..3.8x nia..haha

the jetty

Also, i met up with the PMCians in hongkie kopitiam, autocity the other night. Thought of catching dj Goldfish as well but to no avail. By the time we were done catching up and gossiping it was already late. It was great meeting up with Jason, Jean, Chris, Peihwa and Alan. Spent most of the time laughing. Esp when Chris painstakingly defended his hometown Bintulu. again. We even laughed at how they name their dishes.. Thats prolly the only thing that makes hongkie kopitiam different from wongkok char chan teng and kim gary:)

my tai chi pork ribs

gotta love the interior:)

the girls

all of us:)

Did SOME shopping also despite the very limited weight i can bring over. But essentials ma..what do to.blueks

yes, i love blings on my jeans:P

loving my new sunnies. its darker than it looks

went to queensbay with mum and sis yday..again.haha

i *heart* la senza sales. spend rm150 and above u get a free 2ml of Lancome Virtouse Mascara. i got 2 tubes. Plus get to apply for membership card and then got more discounts cos get to use the vouchers instantly..whee~~

bras, undies and baju tidur(s)

after shopping, had dinner in Siam Express. Ordered the set for 2 and topped up with another dish of Pandan Leaves Chicken. The tomyam was damn good i tell u. super sour and tasty. The green curry was delicious too. The pandan chicken was marinated and grilled/fried to perfection. My fav was of cos undoubtedly the tomyam. mum loves the green curry best..hehe

kangkung belacan

pandan chicken

some fried dumplings..this is just so so i think

this was green i swear:P its the lighting

orgasmic tomyam

our water chesnut dessert

that basically (ALMOST) sums up what ive been up to last 1 weekplus.

Going to makan dinner in Chicago Rib House later. Been hearing some good reviews about the place from a few friends. it better be good.ADIOS!!