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victoria park

22 Jun

one thing i hate about glasgow: the erratic downpour. ive walked under the rain for 4 consecutive days. that explaines why my flu never get better:(

rain rain go away:(. yea i know u cant see the raindrops. but theyre there. and also i wana show off flo’s photography skills:P

what explains my love for this place: shopping and beautiful parks:)

victoria park was one beautiful park we went to earlier today led my prof jim wilson. it was situated near the jordan hill campus.

see flo was so excitedly cute:P

We were trying very hard to catch up with him as we had to camwhore along the way and the rain definitely did not do us any help.:(

went into the Fossil Grove and was kinda disappointed. Prolly we expected more cos he was raving about how we should rush to the place before it closes. if u want to know more about the place just click here

flo and i bought the same 3 pounds umbrella from Primark. love it to bits. its very handy as it protects us from the rain, wind and serves as a very handy prop to camwhore:P

we accompanied karen to buchanan st earlier so that she can get her handbag. much earlier. even before the shops were open:P

can i teleport myself in there somehow?:P

then we got dumped when she decided to continue shopping. ate fish and chips for lunch before leaving for the train station.

look at the size of that thing!

then off we go!! altho i secretly wish it would continue raining so that i can spend longer time window shopping.LOL.

my homies and i

some of us

us again:P

prof jim wilson
i have better camwhore skills than jase

love the trees:)

loving the flowers

and the lake:)

dengan yieng yang molek:)

then we decided to embrace the inner child in us:P

we climbed

but the kiasu guys climbed higher:P

a lesbo moment:P
so long, farewell

a mandatory jumping pic:P

been a long day. tired but have to prepare for pp3 tmr. its gonna be another long week:(

god bless me