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And yet another outdated one (Florence & Pisa)

22 Feb

Reluctantly we bid adieu to Venice and headed to Florence. Another of my fav city. At least the bars and pubs open till wee hours in the morning and they have many shops that sells pretty intricates. It was one the most happening city with night life:P And the Gelato shop near our hostel was AWESOME. I was so addicted i had it minimum BD:P Best of all evrywhere was within walking distance:)




The duomo in Santa Maria de Fiore. Very gothic.

img_7018Gelato in Vivoli. Apparently one of the famous ones in Florence. I thought it was just so-so

img_3690Bartolucci. EVerything in this shop is so pweety. Everything here is made of pine wood


@ponte de Vecchio


makan lagiimg_7102

no flora, i have not forgotten about your beloved phengkor sok sok

img_7144my FAV gelato. Double or was it triple choc. Omg damn smooth damn nice!!

img_7282another round.hehe


flea market.


we didnt try this though haha


our classmates. the coincidence is scary.haha. right time right place right day wth




Florence by nightfall

Beautiful isnt it?

We also headed to Pisa for a day. Too bad it rained and crushed our dreams of camwhoring with the famous leaning tower. Cant possibly do that with an umbrella in one hand and the fear of getting wet:P  Us being us that did not deter us from making full use of our prop. Hehe

Btw, i think the leaning tower is overrated.



ok. dont feel like uploading the whole friggin album. Use your imagination. Same batang, same ppl.How much can you do?haha

outdated (venezia)

22 Feb

I was looking through pics of my summer trip and then realised, hey i havent blogged about these! I think i only mentioned Milan:P I truly missed Italy and Paris and will definitely go back if i have the chance to. And cash of course:P

I know its like 2 seasons past summer  but its never too late right. Its nice to look back.hehe. And a lil reminder of what i did in case i get Alzheimers 30 years later haha

I have the tendency to korek things to blog about when i am subjected 24hours in front of my laptop doing my assignments. sigh.And making sense out of my nonsensical lab results. double sigh

Ok. Now lemme talk about my trip. or whatever bits i remember from it.hehe

From Milan we took the morning intercity train to Venice.Yes we mainly travelled by water here.

Firtst stop, Murano. Its an island famous for glassmaking as well as lampmaking. The glasses-by products were indeed breathtaking. But the locals not very much so. They werent the most friendly ppl we met mainly afraid that we would smash their glasses. Pfftt.



We were licking this huge icecream only to realise at the end it was a rubbish bin ppfftt

img_6385giant glass structure


another interesting one


glassmaking factory


dinner time.yummylicious pizzas we had.


Piazza st Marco. Very romantic:) The band is unforgettable:)






speed limit aka lamp post:P

BURANO AHoy!!! Our FAvourite-est island of the lot!!

Famous for its lacemaking, the island also boasts the most colourful houses ive seen in my life.

The locals were amazingly friendly. Too bad we only had few hours to kill here. Was so reluctant when it was about time to leave.hehe




a house with our  national flag colours:) Must respect 😛


the poserimg_6801

the famous squid ink risotto. its damn good i tell u. as yucky as it may look

p1020009No it wasnt a gondola ride. its like one minus the musician and comfy seats and decors. This is a traghetto. only 50cents per ride. for cheapskates like us LOL. And we didnt go ALONG the canal. Just ACROSS  it. We just wanted a gist of a gondola-ish ride cos was  too ex:P

img_6927nightview of the beautiful canal

How can one not love Venice?