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long overdue

13 Sep

Just realised that ive not blogged about my 3rd day in London which was EONS ago, i know, was tied down with exams and classes. It was still worth mentioning anyways.

We went to see the LINE in Greenwich (pronounced greenich) Yes its THE line. The line we learnt about back in secondary school. TheĀ  famous meridien line where people from all over the world came to see and camwhore with. The Prime Meridien that separates the world to East and West. We had to line up to take pics with the line, which is freaking long. Of course must camwhore kao kao lar:P

We took a break from trains and had the boat ride along River Thames to our destination. The guide on the boat was funny and witty so the ride was worth it. And one thing, we sure went under lots of bridges. i lost count of how many. And the buildings at the bank of the river are all so different, its like they have their own personality and story to tell. The guide was good at describing all the amazing architecture we saw along the way but too bad my retention capacity was only like 30%. Blame my puny brain.

the famous line

found kL

24 hr clock

some pointer that got us excited

we walked, and walked, and found a patch of grass.

then the nonsense began…

found a quaint icecream place and had our teatime there..

flo the potential pedophile:P

Us and big ben

found some malaysians at westminster abbey

ex cheerleaders.LOL.i look like beruang here.

that roughly summed up our last day in london long time ago. Im definitely going back there:)

Cant wait for Italy and Paris this sunday. Gonna be so drained after 11 days.

Had my first training in Subway today. Didnt know sandwich making can be an art. It was an enlightenement:P

Wish me luck in balancing plates in CItyHall tmr. Adios. Cheers~~~

Happy hols everyone!!!