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17 Feb

Its been quite a while since cny and im beginning to miss it:)albeit not receiving any angpaos apart frm the one my parents flew over..and missing out on gatherings. Miss u guys loads!! Will need to catch up on gossips when i get home. ngek ngek

Well, i shall do this chronologically.

CNY eve

Had dinner in China Blue. We were probably the only ones from jbc to eat out. Lazy arses we were. This is probably the only reunion dinner we can have with our friends on eve. At least it makes missing home less painful:)




high on sugar? ahha



img_9485 few of my fav dishes of the night:)

img_9528some delicacies to usher in the new year:) yes we are traditional.haha


the house decor crew

img_9615the gamblers


whats gambling without peanuts and yeos:P

Day 1

SuPERduPErMassiVE open house. We had 6 halls combined loaded with delicacies we concocted almost as similar to the ones we had back home. And invited the home students over. Glad they loved the food 🙂 Hope no one had diorrhea after that hehe.



we even had a yumseng session!


christine dufes sizzles in her red dress:)


ms jbc pageant. whois ur fav?


the ong ones


so cute sandy gray came with his kilt!!


myles the poser


caroline and laura


esra and mills and shinhun and jiajia


busy eating



some of the goodies that reached just on time:)


Shopping and had dinner in TigerTiger.

gambled- lost more than 10 pounds

Day 3

Gamble round the clock- lost another 20 pounds

Day 4

Gamble-lost more than 10pounds

Day 5

Gamble-lost 20pence:P

Day 6

GAmble-won 40pounds

Day 7

Karaoke and Mahjong in LoonFung. Then we lousang-ed. And then gambled the night away. gosh kaki judis we are:P




some sang wholeheartedly:P


the sifu and her apperentice


the kaki judis.


lousang time!!! before…




the bunch of kuat makan girls:P

Day 8,9,10,11,12,13

bertaubat . study. work. online. laundries. shopping

Day 14

Lousang again. This time in Rumours. We ordered like 10 dishes ppl around us must be shocked to see what a bunch of BIG EATERS we are. Left the place happily bloatified.:P

Day 15

cap goh meh.hehe. We made tangyuens of various flavours. yes, VARIOUS. From plain white ones to milo flavoured with nutella fillings. SIAO.haha

Instead of throwing mandarin oranges into the sea, we had them swimming in our gastric juice.hehe.


Just in case you wonder,  the nipple-looking ones has gula melaka filling..mmmMMmmm

So yea, we practically celebrated cny frm eve till day 15. Hardcore man. I dont even do that at home. HEhe

Hope all of u had a great one too..XOXO

last few ones this year..

26 Dec

Ive already lost count how many cakes made their way into my expanding tummy. Or how much steamboats/potluck/bday dinners i’ve gone to. We indeed have an overload of year end babies here. I myself is no exception i must say:P

What to do. many many years back our parents could only find time to AHEM on Valentines day or Chinese New Year prolly:P

First up,

we had JacQ darling, my adorable neighbour. It was her 21st. Sigh everybody is just turning 21 i have no muka to blog about my *cough* 23rd *cough* bday:P but i spent most part of it in bed after that. dont get me wrong hehe. it was the evil cold bug:P



we even lit up the xmas tree:)


yes the dress code was red



looked like she loves her pressies:)

Then came Mr. Yuan’s big day..

It was more like a bday cum xmas celebration.:) Had dinner in Edwards then proceeded to his gaily decorated home for another surprise. He was well surprised. Even more surprised when he received his bday gifts:)




fooling around with the party props.hehe


the big boy



2 cakes in a night. how lucky is that?


he seemed to be utterly pleased with his pressie


he had to give his gf a big fat hug right after he read the card.


aint he the luckiest man in the world?:P


his xmas tree cum bday card

We had to leave to surprise another bday girl. my lovely neighbour Jamie.


img_6632ooo. ganas:P

3 cakes in a night. how insane was that? we were all definitely high on sugar that night.:P

Now that my neighbours are already gone on their holidays, the immense quietness that surrounds the house is overwhelming. In other words, i miss them. Have fun peeps!!!

And not to forget, hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

adios sem 7

16 Dec

DDS class test earlier marked the end of this semester. It whizzed by so fast little did i know that it came to an end already. Christmas is in less than 2 weeks and SALES banner were erected in every shop i saw. WTH.

I better hibernate in my room. Going out is extremely dangerous for me. Financially.Sigh

Earlier we went to Loon Fung, to chill, celebrate bigboyKEN‘s birthday and sang our hearts out cos we managed to book ourselves a room. Boy it was fun! We must do this more often.:) I miss RedBox so so much:)

Piccies time:)


Make a wish ! ‘hope the guys will pay for my meal tonight’

it came true anyways:P


blow away!

img_4629ways to make ur chin appear sharper. rule no 1. suck in ur neck:P



another nondoublechin pic to compensate for the first one:P

while some were singing. in tune pun ada off tune pun ada:p


she had a good time


entertained by his antics:P


some jaychou moments


some were singing away..

img_4929while gobi doesnt understand a single word they were singing


He took over. and boy what a commotion he caused


she was super geli hati. gobi now u know who laughed the hardest:P


sweating after a duet with karen. so chikek meh:P

img_51952i was forced to do a mary had a little lamb rendition:(


img_4992some GAY-ish moments


some gossiped away


these 2 were constantly eating:P



the couples

img_4913the girlsss:)

A funfilled night it was. Food + company+ deafeningofftunemusic was good:P

Left at 3plus am.

Hope Ken had a good time. HapPy 21st again!!:)

eating fest @ Manchester

4 Dec

5 girls, 3 1/2 days, a city, and 5 spilling waistlines.

Yes we ate. And shopped. I love the break from doing sightseeing during trips. Say no to cathedrals and museums!!

our gastrointestinal + couple of shop*cough*shopping journey….

Indian cuisine in Ashoka to celebrate PeiLian’s coursemate’s bday.


my chicken makhani


some random condiments

img_1734papadoms..whoo wee~~~

img_1748ahyi’s lamb moghlai

img_1756peilian made lemon meringue. wheres my cakee!!

img_1742some other curries

Peilian’s fren Abdullah invited everybody to chill in his one room apartment. wth that guy has more shoes than my hse and neighbours combined.


yumpo yang YUM


He was inspired by her:P

After that we hit the pub in Hilton. The place overlooked whole of manchester. Think Luna Bar. A covered version:P

We were prolly the most covered up ppl in the whole place wth. We left class and headed for Manc and never changed ever since. EWwwwwwwww…





ahyi’s kiwi cocktail




whats left of my shakermaker



ahnee tengok jantan


yumpo seems to fancy her rose wine alot



yau char kuey wrapped with cheong fun


chee cheong fun. yumms



loh mai kai…oo la la



fried squid. our faVVV



we couldnt get enough of this place




he was so cute and flirtatious we wanted to eat him up


oh. pic of the day according to peilian. cos she took this. bleah:P

then it was time for shopping. img_2054

she truly gets orgasmic when it comes to shopping


her new fetish for spots?


Manchester Eye. FUllstop. this thing is everywhere ive never even been to the one in msia wth.

Dinner timeee…whee~~



my succulent lemongrass mussels.oo lala






i super heart their gaily decorated tiang lampu.

we had supper in taeWu as well. aiyah what to do flora highness in town also sure must makan together mar right:P


look whois hungry too. escapees frm walt disneys fantasy.




taofoo..it was so good omg


we were so kamtong when we saw green leafy veges


seafood udon.


the roast duck was mindblowing. abit salty though. but i like:P i dunno if its the deprivation that made the dish uber good or it IS really that good:P


oyster omelette. cant beat penang’s:P


sweet sour chicken:)

and not forgetting, a trip to manc would not be complete without a  trip to theatre of dreams. Hate the tourguide. we were practically shooed from one room to another. Hello. not like we’re catching a train or sth. He was in such a hurry we were locked in an abandoned hallway at one point..ppfftt




hmm too big for her


thats my scarfff


i hate her height.bleah. but love her. and her room.

this is only half of her room wth why life is so unfair hmmpph:P

roomchaboo thanks for accommodating us and i hope we didnt scare u too much with the amount we can eat:P

soree cant upload all the food pics i think too much my mozilla hang couple of times liao.:P

I cant wait to go back again. argh. for the time being berpuasa dulu.:)

Hampton Court Palace

22 Jul

So well, it was a long journey to the palace, took the southwest train all the way to hampton court which is in zone 6. think kl and sepang. u’ll get the picture.

fooling around while waiting for the train to arrive

whats interesting about this palace was that we get to see 2 palaces for the price of one. One part comprises of red brick Tudor palace which is associated with king Henry VIII while the baroque palace has some of the most BEAUTIFUL gardens ive seen in my life. apparently, during king william’s reign, queen mary wanted to demolish the ancient castle for a more baroque style. but during the construction, few of their worksmen died, and the queen herself died suddenly of smallpox and a fire broke out in the king’s apartment. hence, only half of the castle was rebuilt. coincidence or not? go figure

EVERYTHING in this palace spells ROYAL. its just breathtaking. maybe cos this the is first palace ive been to since i came so dont blame me for my jakunness:P

even the side door looks royal

love the grand staircase

the details on the ceiling are just amazing

the Other Boleyn Girl costume exhibition. its like the movie came alive:)

the king’s bed. wonder how did the fat king henry VIII fit in there:P. i curi ambil tis pic. no piccies are allowed inside actually:P i feel so jahat:P

queen’s royal bath area..thank god for showers nowadays:P

fooling with the broom:P she needed some good spanking:P

im a convincing pie maker:P

the Tudor kitchen. where all sumptious feast were prepared eons ago.

some pretty details i couldnt resist along the way

the palace also boasts one of the most beautiful gardens suited for royalties. i want one of these too!!!

the Great Fountain Garden
the Great Fountain Garden

the Pond garden

the Pond Garden

some garden next to the Pond Garden

yes we love to jump

some flora we saw along the way

some majestic looking arch. its really beautiful:)

then we entered the maze. thought its gonna be a hard one. we entered with very little difficulty with throngs of other visitors and coming out was a breeze:P

prolly this was the place the aristocrats do their bollywood thing long time ago during courtship:P

guess which way we took in the end?
guess which way we took in the end?

we also had afternoon tea in the palace..liked the ambience. felt like we were transported in time to King Henry VII’s era.

was suppose to leave after that, but us being us, camwhored in the garden like theres no tomorrow. we took in total 1600++ piccies in a day!! can u imagine that? siao

shianyi the ketiak toucher and me the erm groper?

had dinner in the very much raved about FOUR SEASONS. theyre famous for their roast duck. went to the chinatown outlet. it was damn good in my opinion. the meat was soft, juicy and tender. was super yummy. ordered the whole duck for the 5 of us. Glen came and meet us after his posting in the hosp. This gotta be his umpteenth time eating here. i love london’s chinatown!! compared to glasgow’s pathetic warehouse-ish one.

french beans. this was friggin good:)

our roast duck

kungpo prawns

that pretty much sums up 4/5 of our first day in london:)

to be continued..

sexy silais

9 Jul

Here are some piccies of our food just to reemphasize on our silainess. Sexy ones though..haha..and in case you’re wondering, no we dont wear JUST apron when we cook. That would be kitchen slut. And no piccies of us in action. If we reveal our secret, we’ll have to kill you. jk

And yea, now we can hardly concentrate in anything without thinking about what to cook for dinner and if the strawberries in Sainsbury are out of stock. I even hear guys discussing their menu while waiting for labs to start. gosh. super uncle

so there. this basically summarises what went into our GIT for the past week. nothing fancy. just plain home cooked dishes:)