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11 Apr

Now i know why the windmills were built here. Boy the wind was STRONG we were almost blown away. And FRoooZZen.

The whole place was so pretty, us being us, we camwhored at every nook and corner. Including some random construction site near the pier.





we found ways to syok sendiri when others were too busy to layan us:P


pretty windmills but too bad the weather was bad eesh



in the dye-windmill.fooling around:P


up and up we went. the steps were sooooo STEEP i was shaking my way up. and coming down was WORSE


close shave


thank god the wheel-thingy could withstand our weight:P

img_7504i made it down the windmill with my head intact ahamdullilah:P


pattern banyak i know:P


We headed to the cheese farm next. IT was amazing omfg the cheese were sooooo good:P We couldnt stop sampling if i had extra luggage i would  check in a bag of cheese:P


Me being a chick-o-phile


another grp pic


cheese haven:)

img_7762our dutch pancake-raisin and rum flavoured. it was yummeh:)




How on earth do u WALK in this


or MOVE in this??????


in the GIANT clog:)

Then i did sth beyond my ability. i walked on STILTS.And due to my horrible coordination between my hands and legs and now with additional 2 sticks, i lost balance and fell flat on the ground. Grazed my knees and elbows. but yet it did not deter me from trying again. And i managed to walk a few steps unassisted. hooRAyy!!:)

Such sacrifice for that few extra inches. Id rather be short:P


i survived this place except for the couple of bruises and grazes:P Loved the countryside feel:) Oh and wuen actually bought herself a diamond ring so rich eeesh. jeles giler blueks..

Next up, Keukenhof:)


Rome city of Ruin

22 Feb

The title says it all. U see replica of the ruins in Roman Forum all over the city. Felt like i was transported to another era when i was here. It was as though our history books came alive.

First day we walked around after duping the guesthouse we booked originally. It was disgustingly dirty and the sheets were not even changed since the previous customer. Or previous previous *yikes*

We got some help from a very nice internet cafe man who speaks English and introduced us another B&B.Albeit a little pricey, the place was fab! Not to mention the hot guy who manages the place.:P shit i dun even remember his name


The very very cute granny who talks very excitedly. In Italian only. It was like duck talking to chicken when we try to respond:P


Spanish Steps.It was friggin HOT and crowded.

img_7498Fontana di Trevi. Throw one coin and u will return to Rome. 2 for a new romance and 3 wedding or divorce. i think i threw more than that.LOL


look who we found here.


With Pantheon-Temple of all the Gods

Next up, Colosseum, largest ever amphitheater ever built during the Roman Empire as well as a battle ground for the entertainment of the public and royalties.

It was also an inspiration of our camwhore fetish:P






Look who we found again. talk about coincidence!



The remains of temples, basilicas and shops of Roman forum which was the hub of political activities, religion and trading, etc back then. Its a pity that these buildings were beyond unrecognizable after being devastated by fire a long time ago.




I resisted posting another Karen’s kambing pics. Meiwen did her enough damage already last time LOL




Spot the difference

img_8040 poser i know:P

img_8053She has a tendency to flap her long arms




In latin. It means “The Senate and Roman People”

After dinner we went back to the Colosseum for the night view.


img_8168i was FORCED to do this.

Adios, frm the terroristo…

And yet another outdated one (Florence & Pisa)

22 Feb

Reluctantly we bid adieu to Venice and headed to Florence. Another of my fav city. At least the bars and pubs open till wee hours in the morning and they have many shops that sells pretty intricates. It was one the most happening city with night life:P And the Gelato shop near our hostel was AWESOME. I was so addicted i had it minimum BD:P Best of all evrywhere was within walking distance:)




The duomo in Santa Maria de Fiore. Very gothic.

img_7018Gelato in Vivoli. Apparently one of the famous ones in Florence. I thought it was just so-so

img_3690Bartolucci. EVerything in this shop is so pweety. Everything here is made of pine wood


@ponte de Vecchio


makan lagiimg_7102

no flora, i have not forgotten about your beloved phengkor sok sok

img_7144my FAV gelato. Double or was it triple choc. Omg damn smooth damn nice!!

img_7282another round.hehe


flea market.


we didnt try this though haha


our classmates. the coincidence is scary.haha. right time right place right day wth




Florence by nightfall

Beautiful isnt it?

We also headed to Pisa for a day. Too bad it rained and crushed our dreams of camwhoring with the famous leaning tower. Cant possibly do that with an umbrella in one hand and the fear of getting wet:P  Us being us that did not deter us from making full use of our prop. Hehe

Btw, i think the leaning tower is overrated.



ok. dont feel like uploading the whole friggin album. Use your imagination. Same batang, same ppl.How much can you do?haha

long overdue

13 Sep

Just realised that ive not blogged about my 3rd day in London which was EONS ago, i know, was tied down with exams and classes. It was still worth mentioning anyways.

We went to see the LINE in Greenwich (pronounced greenich) Yes its THE line. The line we learnt about back in secondary school. The  famous meridien line where people from all over the world came to see and camwhore with. The Prime Meridien that separates the world to East and West. We had to line up to take pics with the line, which is freaking long. Of course must camwhore kao kao lar:P

We took a break from trains and had the boat ride along River Thames to our destination. The guide on the boat was funny and witty so the ride was worth it. And one thing, we sure went under lots of bridges. i lost count of how many. And the buildings at the bank of the river are all so different, its like they have their own personality and story to tell. The guide was good at describing all the amazing architecture we saw along the way but too bad my retention capacity was only like 30%. Blame my puny brain.

the famous line

found kL

24 hr clock

some pointer that got us excited

we walked, and walked, and found a patch of grass.

then the nonsense began…

found a quaint icecream place and had our teatime there..

flo the potential pedophile:P

Us and big ben

found some malaysians at westminster abbey

ex cheerleaders.LOL.i look like beruang here.

that roughly summed up our last day in london long time ago. Im definitely going back there:)

Cant wait for Italy and Paris this sunday. Gonna be so drained after 11 days.

Had my first training in Subway today. Didnt know sandwich making can be an art. It was an enlightenement:P

Wish me luck in balancing plates in CItyHall tmr. Adios. Cheers~~~

Happy hols everyone!!!

Hampton Court Palace

22 Jul

So well, it was a long journey to the palace, took the southwest train all the way to hampton court which is in zone 6. think kl and sepang. u’ll get the picture.

fooling around while waiting for the train to arrive

whats interesting about this palace was that we get to see 2 palaces for the price of one. One part comprises of red brick Tudor palace which is associated with king Henry VIII while the baroque palace has some of the most BEAUTIFUL gardens ive seen in my life. apparently, during king william’s reign, queen mary wanted to demolish the ancient castle for a more baroque style. but during the construction, few of their worksmen died, and the queen herself died suddenly of smallpox and a fire broke out in the king’s apartment. hence, only half of the castle was rebuilt. coincidence or not? go figure

EVERYTHING in this palace spells ROYAL. its just breathtaking. maybe cos this the is first palace ive been to since i came so dont blame me for my jakunness:P

even the side door looks royal

love the grand staircase

the details on the ceiling are just amazing

the Other Boleyn Girl costume exhibition. its like the movie came alive:)

the king’s bed. wonder how did the fat king henry VIII fit in there:P. i curi ambil tis pic. no piccies are allowed inside actually:P i feel so jahat:P

queen’s royal bath area..thank god for showers nowadays:P

fooling with the broom:P she needed some good spanking:P

im a convincing pie maker:P

the Tudor kitchen. where all sumptious feast were prepared eons ago.

some pretty details i couldnt resist along the way

the palace also boasts one of the most beautiful gardens suited for royalties. i want one of these too!!!

the Great Fountain Garden
the Great Fountain Garden

the Pond garden

the Pond Garden

some garden next to the Pond Garden

yes we love to jump

some flora we saw along the way

some majestic looking arch. its really beautiful:)

then we entered the maze. thought its gonna be a hard one. we entered with very little difficulty with throngs of other visitors and coming out was a breeze:P

prolly this was the place the aristocrats do their bollywood thing long time ago during courtship:P

guess which way we took in the end?
guess which way we took in the end?

we also had afternoon tea in the palace..liked the ambience. felt like we were transported in time to King Henry VII’s era.

was suppose to leave after that, but us being us, camwhored in the garden like theres no tomorrow. we took in total 1600++ piccies in a day!! can u imagine that? siao

shianyi the ketiak toucher and me the erm groper?

had dinner in the very much raved about FOUR SEASONS. theyre famous for their roast duck. went to the chinatown outlet. it was damn good in my opinion. the meat was soft, juicy and tender. was super yummy. ordered the whole duck for the 5 of us. Glen came and meet us after his posting in the hosp. This gotta be his umpteenth time eating here. i love london’s chinatown!! compared to glasgow’s pathetic warehouse-ish one.

french beans. this was friggin good:)

our roast duck

kungpo prawns

that pretty much sums up 4/5 of our first day in london:)

to be continued..

back to reality

21 Jul

this gotta be the best weekend  i had since i came to glasgow.

im in love with LONDON!!

was super reluctant to go back to glasgow=exams:(

and special thanks to glen for being a wonderful host, bringing us around even after such long hospital rounds. and during the weekend:)paiseh (*^_^*).and for letting us camp in your ‘palace’.haha. it had been fun:)

will blog the trip if i have the time.