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last but not least

8 Jun

Had scrumptious seafood in Mantis Shrimp Village @ Bukit Tambun for dinner earlier.

This is the last time i get to sample seafood here before i leave. sobs

We tried a new place cos we were all very sien with Fishing Village ady. Not that the food is not good, but in my opinion, try to avoid that place during peak season; weddings, public holidays, weekends etc etc. Had dinner there during labour day last time and it was jam packed. The dishes served was almost tasteless and the wait was very long. Go during off peak period and u will find most of the dishes better than satisfactory:)

This seafood restaurant is prolly one of the only ones that serves salted egg crabs. I dont understand why is this method of preparation so rare here. Anyway, they were very generous with the salted eggs..yummmmmm:)

We also had crabs fried in kamheong style. This dish won the most votes among my family members:)

Next, we had stingray cooked in baba style. This is damn good in my opinion. But i’d like it slightly hotter and spicier..hehe

The stirfried ‘than'(in hokkien) was very fragrant and taste was just right. Very fresh too:)

The claypot sea cucumber with mix veges was awesome too.Id be happier if its a pot of tomyam or sth..hehe

what good is a place if they cant fry a decent plate of fried rice and noodles right:P

our watermelon juice

Everything came up to a grand total of rm129 nia. Super worth it:)

My first time but definitely not last..

will be back next year..toodles~~~