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30 Apr

Long weekend=holiday=tired as hell πŸ˜‚

So we crashed @shian21 mini staycation at lexis cos her hubs had to work there for the weekend. I found out that the only way u get to keep all the kids in one place and looking at the camera is in the waterπŸ˜‚

Or else everybody will be astray…

Cos this is how most our pics looked like on land. With missing kiddo and kiddo who just doesn't want to stand there πŸ˜†πŸ˜“

This fella was just chilling in the sun at first cos she didn't want to get into the pool

Then got sibeh syok once she got the hang of it she had to syok sendiri cos daddy was busy entertaining little king making sure he doesn't drink too much pool water lol

The kids really had a blast! Getting them out of water was no easy feat afterwards haha

Eh how come this aunty has so much hair de?

Someone act yige shy

Wah another 'transport?' πŸ˜‚

Hot wheels time when they reached land

So difficult to get a decent picture haha

They were just trying to get out of the frame lol

The boys

The girls

Dinner time. Wah callum's stare can kill a lot of ladies wan leh. Too bad jolee's too small her hormone's level still too low so she doesn't seem to get it πŸ˜‚

The two boys keeping themselves occupied

Then it was goodbye. The kids definitely had tons of fun thanks to aunty shianyi but the adults probably drained every ounce of energy chasing after them haha. But thank good we still managed to gossip a lil intermittently πŸ˜‚ We should definitely do this again!


7 morning 8 morning we still managed to drag ourselves out of bed and balik taiping. Thank god hubs decided to make it a day trip cos all of us just konked last night and no packing was done at all.

Balik kampung!

Someone reunited with one of her fav 'transport'. The last time we came back was cny so feel abit guilty d. Le hubs had to work every weekend so it's not my fault eh πŸ˜†

Saying hi to all the rabbits

Tried feeding all the little fishes in these mini ponds too

Wah I think ahkong really miss her leh hehe

Fooling around with ahkong during dinner

All these for only 120 bucks. Fed 7 ppl. Only in taiping food can be this cheap. In pg the curry fish would've been 50-70 bucks d

Apparently the small bowl was not enough he hijacked the whole big one. Where are your manners boy??

Back at home and finally gonna sleep in and really enjoy the day off lol

Just kidding. I have a truckload of laundry waiting for me huhuhuhuhu

Someone finally up from his nap at 7pm. It will be a battle to put him to sleep tonight πŸ˜…

Korkor slapping her legs but she thought he was playing with her

These two car watching

27 Apr

Comfort food to nurse my cold tonight. Caught the stupid virus that's been passing round my workplace zzzz

Someone had a massive poo poo last night. Daddy daycare last night cos I needed rest to stop my flu from worsening 🀧

Samseng poh hijacking korkor's bike

26 Apr

Two days ago we came here. Was a spur of a moment thing after my methadone shift cos it was hubs very rare punya day off hehe

I was actually pretty blown away with all the landscaping cos I was actually expecting a farm filled with butterflies and that's it haha

The princess was so excited cos it was like her fav zoomoo channel came to life.

But this picture was taken at a very expensive cost. Why? Cos we almost lost Javier 😭. He was lingering around our legs admiring the butterflies. Then we spent 1 minute trying to entertain jolee with the butterfly while I tried to capture a good pic. When we looked down he vanished! Then I saw a glimpse of white shirt walking on the other end of the foliage.

I walked furiously towards that direction hoping I was not wrong. Thank goodness it was him! Hugged him and scolded him crazy for going away on his own. He was also kinda scared la but in his defense he was following the butterflies and kept saying ' where are you going???' to them πŸ˜‚

I was really really thankful cos if any kidnapper aimed to take him away it would've been easy with so many exits around . I really really shudder at that thought 😨
My feet really went cold then!

Even thinking about that few minutes that could've costed us our boy send me chills to the bone. I cannot and would not want to imagine if anything bad were to happen to him. Gonna hawk eye him like every second d πŸ˜…

The babies

He saw this mandarin duck and kept singing his mother duck song πŸ˜‚

Tea break in the midst of wilderness. Super enjoy lor this fella

This fella was rigidly still cos of the prickly grass lol

The indoor part was pretty interesting too. Loads of educational interactive activities for the kids. And most importantly ,air cond! πŸ˜‚

Sworn enemies😑

Butterfly whisperer.πŸ˜… He really enjoyed the place la no regrets lugging the fam bam there. He kept telling everybody he went to the zoo to see butterflies πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

22 Apr

How I eat my mango nowadays. So yums 😘

Attempted to carry his meimei the other day. And then gave up and said ' Javier bolat ' πŸ˜‚

Today's dinner at newly opened Swine in qb. The bacon salted egg carbonara was super super yums!!

I cincaily ordered bak chor pasta for Javier and omg I ended up eating part of it too! Cos it was surprisingly good! All the pork lards omgπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Yes the cinapek had to order namyue shoulders. The portion was too big though but the meat was perfectly cooked. If not mistaken it was sous vide before deep frying with their namyue batter. Little king taxed daddy's omelette cos he loved it haha

Sigh (points finger at hubs again) Hope he doesn't develop this as a habit later

It's break the rules kinda Saturday. EAT ALL THE CANDY!

We were given complimentary dessert too. I picked the least dense s'mores cookies but we couldn't stomach all of it haha. Too full!

20 Apr

Anyhow stir fry udon for dinner tonight

And creamy cheese Mac for the little king

It's grandma tuition time time again hehe

18 Apr

I've got this talented colleague who's been attending baking class twice a week so we've been lucky to sample her fruits of labour. Bye bye nonexistent waistline!!! But her cakes had been so yummy and pretty to look at too!

One of her pretty cakes today

The coffee sponge is yums!

16 Apr

This was drawn by a talented Uni friend during our first anniversary. Wah can't believe I used to be so sweet lol

And this was the second year…very cute can!

Sorry third year was in the fb memories yesterday and I didn't save it. But the cartoon dedication stopped after third year lol. Why? Cos after that we were engaged and then got married and then kids. U know the drill. Like they say, after marriage the romantic moments are numbered πŸ˜‚

My not so pathetic lunch today πŸ˜‹

So difficult to take a decent picture nowadays πŸ˜†

This furry fella will snuggle for manja session when both kiddos are asleep

Enjoying leftover corns from his soup