Archive | June, 2015
26 Jun

Javier just puked and passed out watery stool. Poor baby. Looks like gastroenteritis to me since he likes to put everything into his mouth wan. Sigh. Hope he feels better after passing all the toxins out

Since the lil boy still had one episode of diarrhea this noon I decided not to feed him with his leftover porridge during lunch for dinner . Fed him his first solid since he fell sick. Only gave him 1-2 oz of porridge though in case his gut couldn't take it.

Instead of getting those powdered commercial instant oats, I decided to make do with what I have. Blended this into powder and stored in an airtight container before keeping in the refrigerator to maintain freshness

No more Tupperware so I used this formula milk powder dispenser instead hehe

The bolster whisperer

Watching Godzilla on tv now. Javier was still In my tummy last year around this time and kicked ferociously during the movie until I had to 'insulate' my belly with our shopping haul lol. Ahh time flies…

This guy here busy treating me as his human mattress

Super irritated at hubs cos he ticked me hard on the face in annoyance. Wanted to kick him on the balls but missed. So now we're both brutally furious with each other. So much love 😡😡

26 Jun

No one dared to put the little king down in case he threw up again. So we took turns entertaining the grumpy him. Here the yee yee entertained him with a video on her phone. Doesn't look too impressed though

25 Jun

Tired from work. Tired from waking up repeatedly to check on Javier's temperature. To hell u go stupid fever! He also threw up milk after feeding twice earlier. Paeds said he could hear gas in his tummy so gave him motilium. I hope he gets better soon.

I now have to carry and nurse him like during the earlier months cos I realized he will throw up each time after he nurse lying down. Huhu. Bye bye arm

My mum used this as his shield from the sun on our way to the clinic earlier lol. See his beh song face haha

24 Jun

His fever spiked to 38.9 Celsius this morning! Stupid de fever why u no go away yet!

23 Jun

The hubs bought breakfast enough to feed two huiyens. But it's so yummy!

My morning situation

Using the traditional bedak sejuk for the sudden pink patches that appeared out of nowhere on his face. Dono kena apa allergy zzzz

Javier is now down with mild fever. Gave him pcm before his bedtime. Also vomited once. Sigh. I guess the thermometer will be my best friend tonight 😭😭😭

22 Jun

Long and exhausting day today. Dad was feeling better in the morning and was eating all the meals provided by the hospital until the dr came and gave him his gastric meds. Made him hurl everything out.

At this point I think he must be very phobia with anything that he gotta swallow. Including food. Imagine throwing up for one whole week. Sigh

Couldn't stay in the hosp for long also. The nurses came and nagged me cos I was walking around the medical ward with Javier.

They warned me about all the airborne germs and how I should clean myself and baby up when I reached home.

So we camped at our granny's, much to her delight.

Lil javier entertained by greatgrandma and vice versa

Met his grand uncle too.

This face I cannot caption lol

Here's one with a very serious mochi 😂😂

Chilling with my doggie since baby is fast asleep. More therapeutic than looking at the hubby playing games on his fone for the past hour 😓😓

21 Jun

Monday blues. Not cos I gotta work. Have to take EL tmr cos my dad got admitted to hosp again. Discharged today then just now vomited his guts out. So readmitted. This time to a diff hosp.

My first EL ever in my six years of service.

Hope my dad feels better soon 🙏🙏🙏🙏

This will be his most memorable Father's Day ever no doubt about that huhuhu

Earlier today during our quick dinner. Yep, that's his safety Girraffe. Nicer version than what we get in public buses hehe