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more sightseeing and shopping

14 Jun
the famous fish and bell symbol of glasgow

perempuans yang vain

a very talented artist on our way to Buchanan st

some sceneries along the way

‘i have colourful pubic hair’, quipped Flo

warm and fuzzy

the sky got darker

some cute kids who were prolly excited to see a herd of asians walking pass:P

see, we were so jakun we even love camwhoring on semak samun

the canal that was used to transport goods eons ago

we then made our way to the church. Had our first real Scottish meal there. Haggis was friggin good. and the scones and the desserts too. And it is true that Scottish ppl are famous for their friendliness. Everywhere you go u get random strangers smiling and greeting you. So far i really like it here. Love the weather, love shopping and love the ppl here. Still gotta adjust to their thick accent though. I hope summer lasts whole year round:P Im definitely gonna dread winter:(

yummy scones

after the welcoming get together, we adjourned to Buchanan st. still need to shop for lots of things. super mempokaikan. spent alot in See Woo earlier, some chinese specialist shop. the place was damn big. It was insane. there were so much choices. it felt like home all over again:)

stumbled across chinatown on our way there. damn small.

bought some jellybeans here.

had saberni donner in some kebab outlet with ahyi. it was 5.50pounds.shared with ahyi. this is friggin good.hehe. satisfying dinner:)

ah, and before i forget. here are some piccies on my puny room here. Notice the V shaped indentation in the middle of the shelves? My wardrobe used to be there. I kept walking into the cupboard hence when i couldnt take it anymore i removed all the screws and moved the whole thing next to my bed. Now it looked more spacious. can even fit peilian’s long legs:P

love my bed:)

my impossibly puny wardrobe:(

my table

dressing table

my room feels very empty. need to shop sumore:P Cant wait for summer sales next week!!!